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You make some good points about the pitfalls of a totally original editor. As a software engineer myself, I know the amount of work and time and energy even a relatively small change to a codebase requires, and while it sometimes is much more efficient to start from scratch than frankenstein in a bunch of changes, that point is usually only reached if the app in question is very small, the dev team is very big, or the app is very broken.

At any rate, though, that wasn't what I was actually suggesting. In an ideal world we would have our own original editor that was up to date and multiplatform, but I was mainly talking about adding certain features from WB to the current (or future) implementation of ZB.

Would .Net and winforms be gigantic hurdles in recreating the WB context menus or wiki web links? I wouldn't think so, but I haven't seen all that needs to be done just to get the window to pull up on the first right-click with all the correct info.

Originally Posted by MascaraSnake View Post
It was, but the SVN repository where it lived is no longer online. If you're genuinely interested in messing with it or porting some of its features to ZB, I can send you the source code.
That would be cool, actually. Yes, please do this. ^_^ But don't run around telling everyone that we're about to have bunches of new ZB features =P I'm really just curious.

That said, if I get time, I'd love to get the Ctrl-T tag jumping functionality from WB over to ZB. The vector arrows from linedef tags that show up when hovering over a sector and vice-versa are great, but quickly become just useless noise if they're jumping across the whole map to 30 different control sectors that are each only 0.5 square units wide. Currently I hit Ctrl+F, but I still have to type/copypasta the tag number, and the find window locks the rest of the UI from being clicked on.
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