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I feel Amy is a very interesting and unique take on the usual gameplay style we're all used to, and she brings some nice ideas to the table.

She controls great just like everyone else, with the addition of a higher jump that can really come in handy every now and then. Also, her more limited moveset definitely adds a nice risk factor to her that makes playing her feel a lot more engaging at times. As precision, cation and timing is key to using her effectively.

However I feel this risk and limitation comes with way too little reward. As almost everything that she has in her arsenal (breaking walls, breaking spikes, etc) can be done by other characters, who are way more effective at it. The only truly unique thing that she has going for her, is hitting springs with the hammer for extra height. It's an amazing concept from Sonic Advance that I'm glad made a return, and it's does feel hella satisfying to pull off! However like many others have pointed out, this gameplay concept is extremely underutilised, and it's only really useful for getting one ore two emblems. TehRealSalt's character rebalancing wad feels like a true realisation of this concept. As it begs the question, Why just stop at springs? I feel this actually rewards you accordingly for timing you swings well, as well having good manoeuvrability and mastery of the controls. This truly makes her feel like hard mode character she always wanted to be, high risk should come with high reward!

Furthermore, I really think that her spin ability in it's current state is pretty problematic. As just like Knuckles's crouch, the ending lag it has really breaks the flow of gameplay, and just overall really distinctiveness the player to use it all together. As for the most part, your just better of jumping and swinging or just avoiding combat altogether. I feel much more suitable ability for pressing the spin button would have been a hammer spin of sorts that has a wide range and allows her to keep all her speed. Hell it could even deflect projectiles. As that way she'd have another trick up her sleeve that no one else has, and it'd pair very nicely with her current hammer swing, due to both of them being built off the concept of good timing and precision.

Right now moveset-wise, she just feels really... naked. There's almost no intensive to play as her outside of getting a few emblems and maybe playing a lacklustre support-esk role in Multiplayer via the shield giving mechanic.
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