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Default Making Zone Builder multiplatform -- is it possible?

I'm not entirely sure what forum I should ask this in so I'll just drop it here.
As a recent switcher to Linux, I was somewhat dismayed by Zone Builder's lack of support for anything other than Windows. Not only does it hiccup in WINE every time I try to load more than one map consecutively (I reported this issue on the GitLab, but haven't got any response on it), but it also depends on the "unholy trinity" of DirectX, WinForms, and .NET 3.5, all of which are Windows exclusive. My question is if it's theoretically possible to get Zone Builder to run on the other platforms that SRB2 supports, either through WINE or by making a native build. I'm somewhat aware that LJ did make some progress on an attempted port, but was held back by the hackiness and workarounds of the editor if I recall correctly.
I'd totally appreciate any input on this topic.
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