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i already kinda elaborated on this in the other thread but if the devs are considering working with and fixing analog, and as someone who mostly prefers using analog, i have a few suggestions

1. don't call it analog anymore. it's a very misleading name and probably what affected a lot of new players who innocuously turned it on and ended up not enjoying themselves out of confusion. the only practical aspect of it anymore is the somewhat automated camera so if it's re-implemented somehow, it should probably be named and documented around that
2. needs more controls. definitely more than two mapped keys to very slowly move the camera left and right. it needs all the manual capabilities the regular camera controls have, or at least just a button to center it behind you. also one big, unanimous problem with the analog camera is that it does NOT work well with bosses or small maps at all so more manual control is an absolute must in that regard
3. maybe explicitly label it in the options as something for more keyboard-only oriented play and/or something for simple gamepads without two sticks etc. i don't think a more automated camera is particularly useful for kb+m or more modern gamepad-oriented players so there's no point in confusing them there

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