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I play with keyboard-only, but that is because I play on a laptop. Trackpads are less than ideal for camera controls in comparison to most other mouse input devices, to the point that keyboard-only is a vastly preferable alternate. I cannot think of much that would help remedy the situation, either.

The state of which the current analog controls are in, as someone who's tried them out, are less than ideal and are more of a hindrance than anything else. It is not a viable alternative method of control in its current state and should not be a visible option. If analog control were to be added back in, however, dedicated strafe buttons specifically for analog mode would assist a lot in avoiding the pitfalls the mode has.

However, as someone who does own a controller, the lack of analog sensitivity options for a gamepad disturbs me. Such an addition would be a good step in the right direction for making gamepads more viable.

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This is less an issue that I have and more of an observation that I've made, but I feel like when I was first learning the control scheme what helped it make sense was that your character consistently faced forward, which made the fact that you always thok where your camera was facing make more sense and subtly implied that active camera manipulation is important because, generally, your character should be facing where you want to go.
This is also a very good point and something I personally feel as though could trip up new players. Directionchar generates a placebo effect of responsiveness when all it is is a cosmetic effect. It's a nice bit of polish but it doesn't benefit the conceptions that players are going to get. With Directionchar on, a player would be more likely to assume that their abilities are going to go off in the direction the character is facing, rather than the direction the camera is facing. It's important to keep in mind that not all new players are going to play the tutorial regardless of how much you recommend it. Returning players are far less likely to play it as well. For these reasons, I'm not so sure it should be enabled by default.

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