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Yes. Sonic and Gun exists
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I will put the skills I have planned for sharp

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run on the walls for 5 seconds as in the shadow game the hedgehog, teleportation, lihgt dash, which has 8 frames to run
and that activates the skating sound, that does not have the meme
, that when he sees pointy sonic and his friends he gets an emotional ball of dark chao that symbolizes is how I hate you and tremble a lot (ehmm it is the emotional ball of a dark chao and it is supposed to shake as well as I hate you and if you take a look much one of the team hero from pointy sonic comes out the exclamation as well as I want you away and the exclamation will be very much) maybe change of expressions to what I look at and now the tag abilities the chaos lances (this can be left loaded so that be stronger, you will also have a cool dawn to throw another one like 2 seconds), chaos blast (the chaos blast will work at 100 rings)
I think it would be better if it was put in like a list
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