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When I was younger, (probably 4, 5, or a little older) I used to love DBZ. But a while after DBZ Budokai Tenki-blah 3, I lost intrest due to no other stories after DBGT. There was some epic battles THAT LASTED TOO LONG, but there wasn't much besides fighting and a bit of drama. That's it.

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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
DBZ is mindless entertainment. The main problem is that it's slow as hell at anything happening. Everyone remembers those "5 minutes" until Namek explodes that somehow took up multiple episodes. If DBZ was just fight scenes instead of dramatic music and the opposing sides staring at each other, looking constipated, it would be far better.
I totally agree with you Mystic, most fights usually took up mutiple episodes, wasting the audience's time. Panting and 1 little combo, then thinking like ''He's.. so strong!'' ''I better give him all I got!''. Some anime do the same thing like the Naruto series.
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