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Hi, I grew up playing SRB2 on keyboard, but once I discovered how to play with an Xbox controller, I've generally stuck with that. Analog mode was my preference for the longest time, and the control change for 2.2 was one development I kept up with, reading explanations in this forum so I could be prepared for it. I downloaded 2.2 last night, I played through it as Sonic, I got all the emeralds, I got a better understanding of my control issues.

So the first time through, I had Jump and Spin mapped to the face buttons, A and X specifically. This was the way I had always played SRB2, incidentally because this was the way I had always played Sonic. I was prepared to learn this control scheme, because at the heart of it I know enough about the physics to be able to beat Prismatic Angel Zone as Sonic and that's.. that's a powerful drive in the mind to tell you you can do anything.

But that's the issue: In 2.2, moving the left thumbstick left-to-right, by default, makes your character strafe. Your character instead turns with the camera, by default the right thumbstick. Your right thumb, which is otherwise hyped with reflexes to hit the face buttons. This causes little issue in the early stages, but late-game is hectic and frightening and bedazzling, sometimes brutal. You will need to turn while charging a spindash, or make minute adjustments mid-jump over bottomless pits and turrets. You will waste lives thanks to muscle memory.

The solution, as the devs have said before, is to map Jump and Spin to shoulder buttons. See, the reason I insisted on using the face buttons for my first playthrough wasn't to spite the devs; it's actually because my Xbox One controller's Right Bumper is broken and I have inconsistent results with getting computers to recognize the triggers. I was anxious to play the game, and assumed the triggers wouldn't work because the menus did not outright say "left/right trigger." (And I got through the playthrough laughing and enjoying myself, forgiving the occasional controller frustration since I knew what I was getting into, but those frustrations were certainly there! At least ten deaths that did not need to be, a cautionary tale!)

So anyway. Point I'm getting to is. For those using Xbox controllers like me, there's some Control Options in the menus, Gamepad Options specifically, which give a list of axes to customize. There's options for Jump and Spin. I'm pretty sure I did Z-axis and Z-rudder, respectively, for LT and RT. It works just fine, which means it is possible to get used to. I, for one, look forward to it.

If my comments here help the devs understand, say, some oddity about how menus should be labelled, then that would be enough for me.
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