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You can create markers in SLADE by clicking Archive -> New -> New Entry from your toolbar.

If you have not already, it may be useful for you to join Kart Krew's Discord server, where most of the current in-depth tutorials are. If you can't, no worries! Here are some of the useful WAD setup guides members from the community have made:

If it helps at all, SLADE has an in-built color remapping feature that is incredibly helpful for editing the colors in your sprites in bulk. Once you've converted your sprites to the Doom graphic format and indexed them to the SRB2 palette, you can simply select them all, right click them, and click Graphics -> Colour Remap...! You can then select individual colors or color ranges and easily change them to other colors within the palette.

Hope that was helpful!

First off, thank you so much Lach! Your message was really helpful!.

Now, the thing is, the way i did the sprite, was so that the whole character would have 16 colors, i'm using SLADE to change and test the colors, but since the base palette can have a range of up 16 colors, i don't know if some that i don't want to change are gonna end up switching, what i'm asking is how does the palette changes work? my theory is this:

The game bases off of the startcolor value (160 for green), to identify the palette, then changes the values according to that palette (example 163 for a darker shade of green), and other values that are not in the palette (example 104 for yellow) will be ignored.

Also what's the naming format for sounds?

Edit: Don't worry, everything works! I already tested it a bit, it's fully playable with custom sounds and all, i'm gonna publish it soon, so be on the lookout and special thanks for your help!!.
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