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Originally Posted by KÝbito View Post
And by the way, how do i put markers on SLADE? I know it's stupid but i can't figure out how to do it.
You can create markers in SLADE by clicking Archive -> New -> New Entry from your toolbar.

Originally Posted by KÝbito View Post
It would also be pretty useful if someone could direct me to a Kart frame list and skin colors list, since both of those variate from SRB2's.
If you have not already, it may be useful for you to join Kart Krew's Discord server, where most of the current in-depth tutorials are. If you can't, no worries! Here are some of the useful WAD setup guides members from the community have made:

Originally Posted by KÝbito View Post
Really sorry for over complicating myself, but i would like to have my answers cleared before i do the sprites wrong and have to make them again for the third time.
If it helps at all, SLADE has an in-built color remapping feature that is incredibly helpful for editing the colors in your sprites in bulk. Once you've converted your sprites to the Doom graphic format and indexed them to the SRB2 palette, you can simply select them all, right click them, and click Graphics -> Colour Remap...! You can then select individual colors or color ranges and easily change them to other colors within the palette.

Hope that was helpful!
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