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Originally Posted by Twins'R'Awesome View Post
Those kirby sprites look really nice, and I wouldn't mind another kerbe in Kart, now for your questions.

a) You don't need to change the palette if the sprites are already done :V

b & c) Green (idx160-176) is the recommended startcolor that you should start your sprite with since it's the skincolor with the most colors and will give you the least amount of trouble.

d) The base palette can have UP to 16 colors, Which means you can make a sprite with 4 colors, color it green, and the game will handle it fine.

e) Unfortunately, if you make them red, they will be red. Although, PointySonic DOES have a secondcolor system, but that was achieved through lua, but you can make a hacky workaround by coloring the shoes a darker grey since a few Kart palettes do hue shifting, and the Lilac Color (aka stand-in for pink) already uses reds for its darker colors, so if anything, you could do that and it won't look totally off.

f) The custom parameters (as well as the custom sprite names) are labelled here -->

g) Why, that's the condensed naming system in action! Read up here for explanations -->

h) If you want to rip sprites, then open chars.kart in SLADE. Don't worry about the file extension, It's just a WAD file renamed, Just enter it in the bottom box and press enter and SLADE will open it up.

Thank you so much for your help! I still wanna clarify something though.

About the c) What i want know is if the ENTIRE character sprite must have only 16 colors, or if that limitation applies only to what i want to change.

So for example i color Kirby green and use 16 colors in total on him, then i color Wheelie red and use more colors on that, would that be fine? Or do i have to stick to in total only 16 colors, counting non green, non changing ones?.

Really sorry for over complicating myself, but i would like to have my answers cleared before i do the sprites wrong and have to make them again for the third time.
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