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Default OLDC playtest data thread

I've recently released the addon Feedback, which tracks comments made by players during playtests as well as tracks death locations. For anyone using this addon to host netgames, this thread is a good place to post your .txt files so mapmakers can load them up and read comments that players have made.

A quick primer:
- Load L_Feedback-v3.1.lua on your server or offline game
- Play and make comments using the comment console command or !comment chat command
- Put the luafiles/Comments.txt and Deaths.txt files here on the thread
- Mapmakers can, in an offline game, add their map and then use L_SeeFeedback-v3.pk3 to view the feedback that's been placed in their luafiles folder

Here's some playtest data for the Battle maps, with constructive criticism by many of the regulars on my server:

Krabs's 24/7 BattleMod:

Tails is just objectplace but faster.

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