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Is there any way we could get an estimation on how long it'll be before the Linux and Mac updates are out? If not, I understand, there's probably reasons. It's just that I'm on Mac and I'm really interested in trying out some mods that weren't possible before, as well as all the changes made to SRB2 vanilla.
There's a Linux binary, I just gotta upload it. I'll try to get it up sometime this week. I'm just not home for most of weekdays.

Originally Posted by Goldenhog View Post
The 64-bit build!

I gotta ask though, what's with all the warnings? I don't recall the 64-bit versions of 2.1 being particularly buggy or unstable. Heck, I just did a playthrough with Silver with this one and nothing out of the ordinary happened. (except for the checkerboard flags that appear around the character and in the powerup HUD when a level is beat, which I assume were meant for multiplayer only, but I doubt this is exclusive to the 64-bit build)
So right now, 64-bit builds don't generate RPTs on crashes, so we can't properly bugfix it. We don't actually know how stable it is or isn't and where it might buckle under what stresses. It seems safe and if you wanna use it, you can. We largely want to dissuade people from using it because we can't fix code issues you'll come across the same way we can for 32-bit builds. If you can run the 32-bit builds, you probably should stick to them. We can't really help you if the game breaks down on a 64-bit build.

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