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I had no idea how hard I needed Simon Belmont to be playable. That entire gameplay trailer gave me goosebumps. Fucking unreal.

I'm ecstatic that they basically made him play exactly like he does in Super Castlevania, from the special attacks to his whip techniques, which makes for a solid ranged/zoning character. Totally maining this dude once the game comes out.

Let's also not forget the fact that Konami music kicks ass and we're getting 34 frigging tracks from the series.

Dracula making a side appearance is also pretty cool. It looks like he's going to be a stage hazard, which is fine since we can toggle them now; might make for a fun nostalgic event battle like they did with Ridley and Yellow Devil for Smash 4.

On another note, I'm floored by the attention that was given to the stages. I'm trying to think of a previous stage that wasn't included in this game, but on top of that they're letting you toggle stage hazards AND giving you omega battlefields? Don't even get me started on the "stage morph" shit. What are they injecting back at HAL Laboratories?

Too many smart decisions on the gameplay modes; I'd gush more, but I need sleep and I go to work in like seven hours.

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