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Gotta say that having every single character return for this game is quite awesome. Wasn't expecting Cloud and Ryu to survive the transition so I'm really grateful for this decision (plus we get to play as Snake again, another one I had no hope of ever seeing come back). The Zelda characters look great with the redesigns. Especially love Zelda's Link Between Worlds style.

Inkling seem really fun to play as and the fact that Ridley finally made it in, after all these years, is hilarious to me. So, they did say that we shouldn't expect too many new characters. Wonder how many more we're gonna get... In any case, it seems like they are gonna use echo fighters to mitigate the lack of totaly new characters and... I think I'm fine with that to be honest.

The official website is up by the way. It has a short intro video for each character and from Sonic's, it seem like Knuckles gets to be an assist trophy in the one.
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