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Default SPOILER TAGS PSA - NOT JUST FOR SPOILERS ANYMORE: Why you should use them, and how.

This has been long overdue, but with how things have been on the forum with 2.1's movie feature and more reasons to record, this is important. Although the General Project Thread is closed for now, there has been an ongoing problem in it, and other topics: large amounts of (often animated) images. The animated GIF feature is fantastic, hell yeah, but for fucks sakes, we do NOT need to see 8 or more GIFs when we just wanna scroll through a page, and it's even WORSE when people QUOTE these images and load them AGAIN. But there's one VERY easy way to have your images and eat them too. Or whatever.

With this fine forum feature, the Spoiler! [Example image irrelevent]

Now you too can have your stupid image wall without annoying people anywhere as much! But HOW do you use this mystical function? It's easy. Just do this:


Or, if you wanna say what is in it, or what you're spoiling, or whatever, use this:

For example...

Spoiler: That same endless staircase gif.

See? If we already saw your post and don't want to load it again, we don't NEED to. So if the General Topic Thread comes back open or you need to post your level pics on one page, GIF or not, use spoiler tags, PLEASE. Think of your fellow users.

...Oh, and if your GIF is like, a million years long, use gfycat instead. PLEASE just link to a gfycat image instead. Nobody wants to watch a full playthrough of a level load in ANY circumstance.

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