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Behold, leaks from behind scenes. Check them out before this post is deleted and the Mystic secret police come to take me away.

SRB2 2.1 changelog

Greenflower Zone
We have decided that GFZ1 is too difficult for a starting zone and as such it has been simplified and shortened. GFZ1 now consists of a single path, with no branch-offs to avoid confusing a new player and has been shortened. The level now ends just before the row of spikes.

Techno Hill Zone
In light of the many complaints we have received about THZ1ís level design, we have expanded upon the strengths of the levels theme. Expect more long corridors with buzzes hovering above you decorating the sky!

The new slime functions like a space countdown block when the player is submerged in it and is used in several places in act 2 as a replacement for death pits.

Deep Sea Zone
We realised that a lot of the charm of SRB2 is the high difficulty of the game, so the entire zone has been replaced with two acts of Azure Temple. We want the players to experience something revolutionary, dying from taking damage with no rings!

Castle Eggman Zone

We tried so hard, but in the end it didnít even matter. Itís still rubbish.

On the plus side the boss is now finished.

Arid Canyon Zone
Act 2 is completed, many thanks to the dev team for listening to my suggestions and creating a series of even larger unavoidable rooms of rope pulleys hanging over death pits.

Red Volcano Zone
We ran out of ideas for lava related gimmicks and we refuse to implement Blue Mountain, so I hope you enjoy running away from rising lava for all of act 2.

Dark City Zone
Sorry, there are currently no plans to make Dark City Zone right now. As such, Brak Eggman will remain firmly seated in Egg Rock Zone as the penultimate boss until 2.2, to be released 2023.

Egg Rock Zone
Due to the overwhelming success of the fan room in ERZ2, ERZ1 has been expanded and the fan room has been introduced as a dramatic climax to the level. Enjoy!

Final boss confirmed

Lift Zone
The cult classic from SRB1 is back! A truly challenging final level for the players who manage to collect all of the chaos emeralds, good luck, youíll need it!

Special Stages
Holy shit Special Stage 7 is hard, I mean, REALLY hard. Have fun.

Miscellaneous changes
Because SRB2 is a project focusing on Sonicís golden classic days, we have taken this to heart and returned to our classic old 1.09.4 Knuckles sprites.

In order to avoid players making broken character wads, we have further reduced the customisability when creating character wads. Socs are now disabled for character wads and may only use the abilities provided with the base game.

As a response to overwhelming demand, we have also chosen to include fully voiced animated cutscenes between each zone with 2.1. With riveting storytelling equal to that of Sonic Adventure 2 as you journey with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Chris Thorndyke to stop Eggmanís time travel evil doppelganger ancient prophecy plan aboard the Egg Rock!

The orderpizza command is now fully functional. Upon installing SRB2 you will be asked to create an account by inputting your address and credit card details so the command can function. Ideal for your late night netgame sessions!

Using the accounts mentioned above, always Online DRM has been implemented for SRB2, as a form of permenant SMS protection. Further details on how this works is classified. SRB2 will automatically close if the player is not connected to the internet.
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