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No you're actually getting the wrong end of the stick here, maybe I should have said SIGSEGV just means there's a bug with the game and it's not usually something to do with the user's computer. x_x

It's hard to tell if it's fixed in 2.2 because I don't know exactly what the bug is yet!
I thought so, because I haven't seen that bug in SRB2 but some programs, so maybe it be related to SRB2 not working well with his type of "memory", but it's SRB2's fault cause it should work...? I understand what you mean, what I'm trying to convey is the cause, like sort of a hint because I can't do more than that.

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trying to read or write from/to a memory area that your process does not have access to.
That's what makes me think that this is related to his type of memory, and also the fact that not everyone complains. So it might as well be both but it doesn't mean devs don't have to fix it; it should work.
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