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Originally Posted by Xeide View Post
I'm using the version 2.1.25, So basically, I need to download the older version of the game right?
No, I was just checking in case you decided to get 2.1.15 or something. Must be something else then, hm.

Would ask to have whatever you had in your srb2win.RPT (assuming you're playing the 32-bit version; 64-bit SRB2 doesn't produce the file at all, annoyingly) but 2.1.25 is obviously not even the current version anymore so I'm not sure it's worth my time looking into it. It might even already be fixed in 2.2 for all I know.

Originally Posted by XleederTH View Post
I've been seeing people complaining about that SIGSEGV thing and always have to say it, it might be your ram or something, and if I'm wrong then it's just a game thing. Try downgrading it too (I played that mod with the latest version of 2.1 and I didn't have problems with any of those mods, so it as well just be your RAM or whatever.)
SIGSEGVs are nothing to do with RAM I'm pretty sure, it's the game accessing a bit of memory its not allowed to access, which usually is because of 1) trying to access a NULL pointer (one that's not actually pointing to anything at all) or 2) the memory address leads to garbage (perhaps it used to be a block of memory allocated, but it was later freed). SIGSEGVs generally indicate the code is not handling something correctly and made a mistake which must be fixed by us developers if we can!
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