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So guys, some people are spouting bile and hyperbole here on both sides. Cut it down a few notches. Remember that "looks better" is an opinion, and people are going to disagree on that. If you have a disagreement, just calling people who think differently from you "wrong" is not going to lead to a good discussion. Pretending that your opinion is the ONLY opinion and the other side doesn't even exist is borderline infraction-worthy.

SRB2's visual design is intended to approximate the style of the 2D Sonic games in 3D. Our old, Doom-based engine is actually an asset here, providing us with an authentic, old graphical style from the early days of 3D gaming. Think of this like the intentionally retro styled games that have become popular recently, where the developers intentionally use dated visuals and styles to make the game look much older than it actually is. The only difference is that in our case the project is just so old that our engine isn't faking it; it really IS that old.

One of the tools to maintain our visual design is our limited palette. While the palette limitations started out as a simple technical limitation, at this point they're a major part of our visual design. If we want to use OpenGL as more than an unmaintained option, then we need to get it to actually implement the intended visuals for the game. If we can get OpenGL to render the way software looks, but faster and with less bugs, then that's what we want. If you don't agree with that, this game is open source and I'm sure that even if we don't provide more options at release, people who like shiny bells and whistles will make such things sooner or later.
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