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Default Thomp's Project: SRB2 - The Solar Egglipse



Obviously this is a project that I'm working on. Some of you have been let on that I was working on this in the future. Not really going to lecture. Let's just get to the point, story, and stuff.

Spoiler: Story
Three Heroes, named Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were informed by a mysterious creature that something wrong was going to happen with the planet and it was soon to be completely frozen. "What?!" Sonic, screams. The mysterious creature stares, then turns and vanishes. "Wait!........Who was she? This doesn't sound good. Let's find Eggman!"

Eggman, the Evil Scientist with an IQ with 300 has found a way to obtain a lot of energy, and that is to use the solar power of the sun. And with the power of the sun, Eggman believes the chaos emeralds would be no match for him if he was to obtain all that power, which is why he needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

That being said, Sonic and his friends were met up by Eggman as soon as they heard the news. Eggman had told all of them of his plans specifically detailed, and it seems what the mysterious creature had told them was true. "You won't get away with this Eggman!" Tails yelled and heads immediately for his mobile. "Ah ah ah." Eggman says calmly waving his finger, and with a press of a button, Sonic and his friends were trapped in a little force field, trapped with no escape. Knuckles is trying to bust a hole, but it seemed not to work. With a press of another button, The Heroes were chucked far far away, and crash landed leaving them unconcious.

Luckily, that mysterious creature has appeared once again and woke them all up, and found themselves in a Sanctuary with a map on the floor with 7 distinct regions. One with an Island. One with a Forest. One with a Glacier. One with a Volcano. One with Peaks. One in the Sky. and one in the Brink of Earth's atmosphere and Space that has a space craft similar to Eggman' Face. "You must save your planet little heroes, and I am the one to guide you on the right path. You must stop that evil menace with that tedious mustache, before he takes all the solar power of the sun. You must start here. This place is called Twilight Isles. This is the fastest way to get back to him." "That lady...Who are you?" Sonic asked. "Me? Oh. My name is Fy."

So that's the crazy story I came up with. Fy just plays the role of being the guide, and just sits there hoping for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to succeed. Now, levels.

Some of you have already played 3 of my levels that's going to be in the level pack. Yes, these were contest maps. No, I haven't fixed them yet, but if you haven't played these levels, and haven't gotten a taste of the ideas in my map making, AND interested, then I suggest you try out my contest demos of the first 3 maps. I have uploaded a link to Twilight Isles, Clockwork Grove, and Sparkling Icecap. They still need ALOT of work, so this is not the final version of each level, but it will give you an idea of what my level pack will consist of, and I believe this pack will have great potential just like all the other popular great level packs.


Music to each act I've selected. Now, when you listen to these, close your eyes and imagine the atmosphere. The music is the essence of that beauty.


Spoiler: Twilight Isles This is Act 2

This level is the starting point of the levelpack. It will feature beaches and caves of mysterious puzzles and architecture along with an atmospheric sunset.

Spoiler: Clockwork Grove This is Act 1

The 2nd area of the pack that will be considering the ideals of time. It takes place in a forest with the construction of a factory wrapped around.

Spoiler: Sparkling Icecap This is Act 2
3rd Zone. As you can already tell this is a snow themed map that glitens in the light from it's beautiful cave walls, and ice crystals all around to complement it.

Spoiler: Molten Mountain(in progress)

Lava themed zone compared to SIZ, it's an exact polar opposite and feature bombs ready to ignite and unite to accomplish a path forward.

Spoiler: Euphonious Esplanade(not complete)

The setting takes place in the peaks of the mountain with rivers and lakes that will serve as a delicious eye candy for those who love to sight see and enjoy the fresh air and atmosphere. Along with that, you have musical elements everywhere!

Spoiler: Azure Sanctorium(not complete)

6th Zone. Anciet ruins in the sky that deals with the sand element. As you're getting closer to eggman, the stage definitely gets harder and harder.

Spoiler: Solar Egglipse(not complete)

The place you've been trying to get to this whole time that holds the name to this level pack. As you've breached Eggman's lair in the atmosphere, you've noticed that you're no longer there is no safe haven and the world depends on Sonic and his friends to stop the evil menace from launching his project "Solar Egglipse" into space blocking the sun.
Solar Egglipse in progress.

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