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  1. Rafael44642

    A possible SRB2TLDX's Revival and Remake

    Let's start with this thing then. Now you might wonder what is even SRB2TLDX, I'll explain it to you, it's a level pack made by Master from srb2 that received lots of bad reviews for having stolen content from other mods on it's demo. I came here to tell that it can possibly have a remake by the...
  2. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] SRB1 Remake

    SRB1 Remake from past versions is now available for 2.2! Since v2.2 removed the SRB1 Remake Extra, I decided to port it soo that people could enjoy playing it while having nostalgia. This level pack was originally made by Torgo. If you wish to play with the pack with custom characters, you...
  3. Rafael44642

    Rafael's Super Redesign Thread

    Hey guys, making a long typo here. I hope this gets recognised tho as I'm planning to redoo Rafael's Super Design and wanted to share some ideas for you to vote :) (that or you can suggest ideas) I'll leave a picture of the ideas i made (Don't note the expressions they make, it's not telling how...
  4. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] Pedro (REMAKE!)

    Pedro took some time but now he's back too! I couldn't think of another main ability that he could have soo i gave him an extra ability Charge Jump Charge Jump makes you perform a overpowered jump, the more you spin, more the jump will be higher. One of the advantages is that you can fly...
  5. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] Rouge The Bat (Legacy) [v3]

    Rouge The Bat is back for SRB2 once again! And that's not it, she also has extras and a secret bonus! She plays like in the old-school SRB2 with some additional sprites for an animation she didn't have before. Also when another character add-on is added, you unlock the option to use Rouge's...
  6. Rafael44642

    MB Rating system is broken

    MB Rating system is broken because whenever i want to rate a mod, it says that a adress or something is missing and it doesn't add my rate. I don't know if this only happens to mobile users or with the PC users too.
  7. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] Rafael goes to SRB2 Kart | Also Pedro is ready to get karted

    See. I told you that he went to the KartKrew Dedicated Server. Pedro art is unavailable for now :c They're ready to race with their own custom voices and cool sprites! Believe me, you don't wanna see Legacy Rafael here. Like usual , their sprites we're made on Paint. Hope you like it!
  8. Rafael44642

    Voice clips aren't working for srb2 kart

    When i start the game , the sounds that i maked for my character aren't loaded properly. I checked the ogg files and S_SKIN and it was all alright. I tried to port it to an pk3 file but it didn't work. Can somebody help?
  9. Rafael44642

    Kid says that he's the real me

    I found a kid that says that he's the real me even through im the real one and didn't make that vídeo. I never expected someone to make this lol
  10. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update

    Rafael's back! Bringing a new set of sprites! He can look like it didn't change nothing, but he got extra sprites now! Hug He can hug! With Tatsuru's Everyone Hugs lua script, he's ready to give hugs to whoever the person is! Skid He also has an skid sprite that isn't that much used...
  11. Rafael44642

    How about making an chat system for the MB

    Hey! It's not like it is needed but what about making a chat system for the message board? It could make it easier to talk and you wouldn't need to scroll to skip the quoted message. I don't know if it can be easy to do that, it's still ok if it can't be possible.
  12. Rafael44642

    Rafael V3 (A work in progress)

    I'm working on the new set of sprites of my character. I plan to redoo them but i don't know if i need to redoo the sign or keep it that way. Can you help me choose?
  13. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] Legacy Pedro (Pedro V1.1)

    Here's another custom character i made. He plays like a normal Tails but he can turn super! He has a remake soo you don't need to really download this as it is just a change of name Sprites of him also were made on Paint! Hope you like it!
  14. Rafael44642

    [Reusable] Legacy Rafael (Rafael V2.6)

    I've made my custom character into SRB2! He's old, soo i gave him the oldest ability. :) For those who think that an human rolling and spining is strange (and i think the same too), here's an reference of how he got it! SPOILER ALERT : You probably came here just because you knew...