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  1. Dead

    Votes + Feedbacks - Dead (Autumn 2020)

    Second time for me doing the votes and feedbacks, I hope some of you who joined last OLDC and now actually improved, well enough of this, I'll cast my votes now... Do note, I only play SP Submissions, MP isn't my cup of tea, though having 400ms isn't really pleasant. (Rankings are already in a...
  2. Dead

    Votes + Feedback - Dead

    Well here it is, my vote and feedback for the current OLDC. Though reminder that I played the level multiple times to find certain nitpicks within the level's design, being finding secrets or emblems, alternate paths, and different character playthrough. I also only play SP Levels, MP isn't my...
  3. Dead

    Wild West Zone - Supposedly Act 2 - Singleplayer

    My first ever submission in MB, though also the first being in OLDC Submission, I kinda screamed internally when MB was down though that extended deadline eases me lol, anyway the map only took me almost a month to finish this, though you might find the final stretch of the map a bit...