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  1. GigaLem

    [Character] Lythero streams himself into the Track! (Mild Language Warning)

    Even before Lythero started streaming this game, I've always wanted to make this character become a reality. Now you can make other players get BODIED with your very own playable Lythero! Speed:4 Weight:4 All the Voice Clips are from Lythero's Mario Kartastrophe Series And no the sign post...
  2. GigaLem

    [Character] The Poppers hit a different track! Pop'n Music's Nyami and Mimi Join the race!

    Wanted to play through the fickle hearts tracks with bemani characters? Wanted a proper Krazy Racers Character to drive through the one KKR track in the game? Well I have two characters for you! Nyami Weight:4 Speed:4 and her Best Friend Mimi Weight:4 Speed:6 These two are based on their...
  3. GigaLem

    [Character] Crash Bandicoot (Update:Now its PK3 supported)

    It was only a matter of time before Crash hit the track for SRB2 Kart. He even comes with the Kart from Crash Team Racing. Crash has even stats across the board from CTR. So in SRB2 Kart his stats are Speed:5 Weight:6 Credits Plom510 for touch ups and putting the wad together...
  4. GigaLem

    [Character] Vic Viper from Gradius (Update:Now has PK3 Support)

    Complete with sounds Vic Viper is ready to hit the track I initially started the project, though I did recieve some help. Applefat.GOV volunteered to help me with the sprites As proof, These were my takes on the sprites And these were Applefat redraws of said sprites Plom510 then put...