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  1. TehRealSalt

    [Reusable] Distinct jump modifier

    Modifies all character jump heights to make them more obvious and distinct. Sonic, Tails, Metal: Moderate boost. Jumps ~130 units. Can clear 2 GFZROCK tiles. Knuckles: Unmodified. Jumps ~72 units. Can clear 1 GFZROCK tile. Fang: Big boost. Jumps ~178 units. Can clear 2.5 GFZROCK tiles. Amy...
  2. TehRealSalt

    Official SUGOI trilogy port project

    Hi. I will be porting all 3 SUGOIs, but I wanted to give level authors a chance to update their levels. This will very likely be the only chance to make extensive updates to your level. Here are the rules. No new levels. If your level didn't make it into any of the other SUGOI's, then sorry...
  3. TehRealSalt

    My votes

    Shadow of Atlantis Zone > Oasis Palace Zone > Rustic Templar Zone > Wild West Zone 2 > Hectic Harbor Zone > Toffee Tor Zone 1 > Myriad Memories Zone > Aqua Paradise Zone > Metallic Madness Good Future > Spyro Ripto Blast 2 - Snowflake Ridge > Overgrown Heights Zone > Heroes Hall > Magma Falls...
  4. TehRealSalt


    SRB2Randomizer _TagCJxGghA Inspired by the "randomizer game" craze, this mod aims to randomize as much in the game as possible while still maintaining playability. This includes the order you'll play levels, what character you'll play as, enemy types, monitor types, emerald token locations...
  5. TehRealSalt

    Kart Krew's Smart Tether I poured a lot of effort in trying to make Combi-ring something that I didn't want to play Coop mode without anymore, and I think I succeeded -- it's probably the most fun I've had with SRB2's Coop in a long time. It keeps everyone...
  6. TehRealSalt

    [Reusable] Game Gear Capsule

    Sick of setting up those really annoying FOF Egg Capsules? No more! This is a custom, thing-based capsule that retains all of the same functionality. Instead of setting up a whole bunch of extra FOFs, just place a single object down and it'll work. This object uses thing type 510. Checking...
  7. TehRealSalt

    [Reusable] Animation Debugger

    Simple script I made since I needed to test specific animations while working on a character WAD. I figure this may come in handy useful for other people as well, for character WADs & 3D modelling. Use the command "animationdebug <sprite2> <animation speed> <frame> <super> <tail roll> <color>"...
  8. TehRealSalt

    [Reusable] Sonic Adventure style HUD

    Simple little HUD mod that replaces the stage title, time, rings and lives displays, as well as hiding score, to make it look a bit more like Sonic Adventure. It also has its own, "smart" boss meter, which won't show the boss meter for a boss you're not in the vicinity of, as well as figure out...
  9. TehRealSalt

    Simple character rebalancing

    Not the most exciting add-on, but these are some extremely simple changes that help improve the gameplay flow of the new unlockable characters, while still attempting to stay faithful to their playstyles. The changes (and the reasoning behind each) are as follows: I originally only made...
  10. TehRealSalt

    [Script] SRB2Randomizer

    SRB2Randomizer is a mod inspired by the randomizer craze lately, that randomizes as much as possible while still maintaining the playability of the game. It randomizes things ranging from characters used per level, level order, enemy types, monitor contents, token locations, music, and even ring...
  11. TehRealSalt

    [Level Pack] [SUGOI 3] KIMOKAWAIII: Part 1 and also Part 2

    GET VERSION 2.1.25 (or higher) BEFORE PLAYING KIMOKAWAIII expects that you've beaten SUBARASHII, which also expects you've beaten SUGOI. Now's your chance to back out if you want to know what's even going on. RMeuZ-SvQMI SUGOI Team presents SUGOI 3: KIMOKAWAIII Is My Origin, KIMOKAWAIII...
  12. TehRealSalt

    [Character] Sal's Characters (Plague Knight, Madeline, Scruffie, Thanos, :oh:)

    A collection of characters I've made so far. Includes the following: Plague Knight, from Shovel Knight. Has high acceleration and high weight to represent his playstyle in his game -- frantic, zippy, & heavy. Madeline, from Celeste. Has high acceleration, mid-weight to represent her dash...
  13. TehRealSalt

    [Reusable] SPB Music

    I was playing one day with my own music playing, and I got this song to pop up in my playlist timed EXACTLY with the SPB appearing. I had to script it to make it a reality. Default song is "Hellter Skellter (Hell Stage) - Skeleton Boomerang". Of course, you can also make an extra wad to replace...
  14. TehRealSalt

    [SOC] All Sonic SFX

    Kart needed some of these, so I decided to release them separately. All of the sound effects from Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic CD, and Knuckles Chaotix, to fill in the void introduced by the S3K sounds already included in srb2.srb. Use for custom objects, level events, whatever.
  15. TehRealSalt

    KIMOKAWAIII Is My Origin, KIMOKAWAIII Always Waits And Is Intensely Interested

  16. TehRealSalt

    [Script] Rule of Thirds

    Now you can pretend that you're an actual photographer.
  17. TehRealSalt

    [Graphics] SA1-style HUD

    Simple little HUD mod that replaces the stage title, time, rings and lives displays, as well as hiding score, to make it look a bit more like Sonic Adventure. It also has its own boss meter. Unlike other boss meter addons, it tries to only show the boss you're actively fighting for maps with...
  18. TehRealSalt

    [Graphics] SA1-style HUD

  19. TehRealSalt

    [Level Pack] [SUGOI 2] Oh My God! It's Joseph Joestar In SUBARASHII: X-Mas Mode In July

    SUBARASHII will assume you have already gotten the ~True Ending~ in SUGOI. If you haven't done so, and wish not to be spoiled, you should go do that now. Sonic Uncovers Banning And Realizes Anime Spoilers Hurt Intricate Ideas is... a mouthful. I mean, it's the sequel to SUGOI, a community...
  20. TehRealSalt

    Changing dedicated server port

    Is there any way to change the port that a dedicated server uses? I have a separate computer that I want to use as a dedicated server, but they seem to be stuck using the default port which I want to use on my main computer; -clientport works with anything but dedicated servers. This means I...