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  1. LoLface299

    Random line in Noxious Factory, OpenGL-only

    I was playing match a few days ago, when I saw some random line in the goop. It doesn't do anything to the gameplay of the map. When scaling down, you can see that the lines are actually slightly above the goop, and are also intangible. In the pictures, I was scale 0.1. Some lines are less...
  2. LoLface299

    [Model] MD2s for Hats

    The hat MD2 pack contains 30 hats, here they are, in a gif: Most hats also appear in first person, some don't. I can't change or fix that. Some hats don't work with other characters, I can't fix that either. These hats were fitted for the Saturn-Inspired MD2 pack by Jeck Jims. The hats mod...
  3. LoLface299

    Has anyone seen SRB2 1.10.3 beta?

    My friend and I are making a collection of most (if not, all) versions of srb2. We would like to know if anyone out there has 1.10.3 beta? Thanks :)