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  1. Icarus

    What if Sonic stopped being made?

    What if Sega decided to straight up stop making new Sonic games and let fans handle the series? Would it be better for everyone?
  2. Icarus

    Prime 2D: the demake of Metroid Prime

    This fangame looks great but I'm afraid that Nintendo will C&D it....
  3. Icarus

    Why are there still people that consider Dreamcast Sonic to be his own separate character?

    Seriously, he is Modern Sonic, no matter how hard you're trying to convince people that he isn't. Sure, he had a slightly different look and personality compared to other games like Lost World or Forces but he's still officially Modern Sonic, his overal design (green eyes, a darker blue and a...
  4. Icarus

    Space Channel 5

    So, how do you like that hardcore Simon in a 50's sci-fi setting with a dancing reporter? Here's a longplay of it (PS2 version)
  5. Icarus

    About the female characters in the Sonic series

    There's something that bugged me off a bit: why most female characters in the series got either but in backseat or completely forgotten? When you look at Amy (or Rosy if you prefer) she basically started off as a damsel in distress (in Sonic CD) then she became more or a "stalker girlfriend"...
  6. Icarus

    The Sonic Riders series

    How did you know about this? Which one is your favorite and do you wish Sega made an actual new one that doesn't rely on a gimmick? Personally I own it on the PS2 and PC but I've only played it on the Gamecube. I've yet to find a way to play Zero Gravity (probably the PS2 version).
  7. Icarus

    About Metal Knuckles

    While everyone remembers about Metal Sonic because of his iconic race in CD, Tails doll because of his overall creepiness and Egg Robot for being the main antagonist of Knuckle's story in Sonic & Knuckles, people are barely talking about Metal Knuckles from Sonic R despite being in the same game...
  8. Icarus

    The modding of Sonic Lost World

    I was thinking of making a thread about the game since I talked about it in the 3D Blast one (and to avoid to derail that one). I always thought that the game's main flaw was the bland level design and not the parkour gameplay itself, the game was a weird mix between the Classic...
  9. Icarus

    Sonic on PC

    I've recently gotten many Sonic games on PC (from Sonic 3D, R and & Knuckles Collection to Sonic Riders and Mega Collection Plus) As most of us know it, the Sonic franchise was on PC under the "Sega PC" branding since the 90's until the mid-00's. For example we had Sonic & Knuckles collection...
  10. Icarus

    Final Fantasy 16

    The trailer has been revealed: (Careful, it contains stuff not suited for the younger audience) I'm not a big FF fan (even if I really like the oldschool stuff from the 2D games) but I'm glad Squarenix took a more mature and serious approach to the series (even if...
  11. Icarus

    The Sonic Trifecta problem

    As for today in 2020 we currently have 3 different videogame version of Sonic: Classic Sonic (Sonic 1 - Sonic Mania) Modern Sonic (Sonic Adventure - Sonic Forces) Boom Sonic (Rise of Lyrics - Sonic Boom Fire and Ice) No mascot in the world got that much of an identity crisis and a split in...
  12. Icarus

    The Wonder Boy / Monster World series

    Can we tell that this was basically Sega's Zelda in a way? Anyway, Westone's metroidvania series that started as a simple arcade game (which spawned its own "Adventure Island" sub-series but it's not the main subject) and became a bigger game, especially with the 3rd main entry: the Dragon's...
  13. Icarus

    Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer featuring The Legend of Zelda

    That game (with a long name) is a spin-off to the Legend of Zelda series made by the indie devs who made Crypt of the Necrodancer, this game is a love letter to the 2D Zelda game (from A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening and the two Oracle games to Minish Cap and Four Swords) and a great...
  14. Icarus

    I cannot change avatar.

    I upload a .PNG and .JPEG file which is 128x128 while being less than 150 Ko but it says "invalid file" How can I upload it?
  15. Icarus

    Techno Legacy is bad?

    I forgot to make that thread earlier but I just wanted to say that this level is a bit of a disappointment for getting half of the emblems in this game... If I wanted nostalgia I would've gone for either Greenflower from the Final Demo days or I would've kept the original purple water with...
  16. Icarus

    Sonic & Knuckles Collection

    I always wondered why Sega decided to port Sonic 3 & Knuckles to PC (along with Sonic CD and the Saturn version of 3D Blast) out of all game (while not doing the same for Sonic 1 and 2 until they made the Windows version of Mega Collection Plus). They've also put a midi soundtrack even if they...
  17. Icarus

    What is your favorite Sonic music

    Or at least one of (you can post several of them if you want to) I'm beginning with Spring Yard Zone (remix by Tee Lopes)
  18. Icarus

    Why the mobile versions of Sonic 1 and 2

    are still not ported to PC and consoles? I mean Sonic 3&K not having an official remake is because of obvious reasons but Sonic CD 2011 got ported to PC (and I'm still waiting for an eventual Switch and PS4/Xone release as well) so is there a reason why Sega let what is arguably the best...
  19. Icarus

    Sonic: the Classic and Modern dichotomy

    I'm always wondering why Sega had the idea to separate Sonic's older design (see: during the Genesis and Saturn days) from the new one (since the first Adventure game even if his modern design was fully made in Adventure 2 because of the Saturn roots of the first). Sonic isn't the first video...
  20. Icarus

    HUD scaling

    I don't know if it's possible but can I manage to "downscale" (or just reduce the size) of the HUD? Is this also possible for mod-based HUDs as well? I usually play in a windowed 1600*800 resolution and prefer when the UI isn't taking too much place when playing with mods that has a bigger one...