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  1. Shadow Hog

    Milla Basset (v1)

    Aw man, you beat me to it. This is what happens when I get too caught up in too many things, I guess? Well I guess I can still finish my own Milla WAD, even still... Regardless, congrats on completing it, she looks quite good! I'm gonna have some fun comparing what you did with what I was/am...
  2. Shadow Hog

    [1.0.1] Flicky™ [V.2]

    Yup, that looks like exactly what I needed; thanks!
  3. Shadow Hog

    [1.0.1] Flicky™ [V.2]

    Dumb question, but where'd you get the raw kart sprites for this one? Cuz it's actually nicer than the sprites I have to work with, you get a wheel for multiple angles and some added anti-aliasing instead of just cutting off the cushion where Sonic's back would have otherwise started.
  4. Shadow Hog

    [Graphics] FreeDoom texture pack for SRB2

    As an illustration of how the new texture setup works (and because I never did put these into 2.1 like I meant to), here is a WAD containing all of the textures for the Doom IWAD FreeDoom. The textures contained therein are particularly useful for anyone who is interested in making some...
  5. Shadow Hog

    Earthbound is coming out on Wii U VC today.

    Announcement here. If you haven't already played it, buy it. I'd like to raise the chances of any further Earthbound/Mother-related titles coming our way. It's $10, $2 more than SNES VC titles normally are, but the alternatives are $150-200 on eBay for a physical copy, or copyright...
  6. Shadow Hog

    Duke Nukem 3D is no longer free (but it is on sale)

    What it says in the title. Awesome game; second episode's kinda mediocre (you'd think a space station would be pretty awesome, but it kinda drags), but the first is amazing, and the third and fourth are really great too. Love the emphasis on explosive weaponry, down to how so much of the level...
  7. Shadow Hog

    Ever want to take a shotgun to a Jetty-Syn?

    Well, I've got good news for you. Requires ZDoom 2.6.0 or later (or GZDoom equivalent 1.6.0 or later). Technically you can spawn the guys in any IWAD, including Heretic, Hexen or Strife, but the included test map is designed for Doom 2 (available on Steam, or you can use separate IWAD FreeDoom...
  8. Shadow Hog

    What sound hardware was the OGG music rendered through again?

    No, seriously, I forget. I know whatever it was, it blew out (and then AJ replaced it, only for that to blow out within a week). I was wondering if I could find a soundfont meant to emulate it and try rendering vaguely-official-sounding tunes with it...
  9. Shadow Hog

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    Dub/Sub, doesn't really matter to me. I will point out that the dub is 43-44 episodes behind the sub, so if you're gonna discuss the sub, I'd recommend putting all the discussion in spoiler tags, so as to not upset those who're sticking with the dub. (Although they're welcome to bite the bullet...
  10. Shadow Hog

    Crosswalk (mtf_crosswalk_b3)

    I wasn't satisfied with the version I submitted to the contest, so I've done quite a few revisions. Notable ones include: Beta 3 World is now brighter. I thought the flagroom was pathetically dark; that's no longer the case. Small wall is now behind ramp up to flag. Probably will offset...
  11. Shadow Hog

    SRB2DB Configuration Files

    Hey guys. I know there has been some confusion about the config for SRB2DB, so allow me to clear this up. First, I want all of you to go into your SRB2DB folder and delete Srb2-11.cfg and srb2ex.cfg. If you want to keep your 1.09.4 configs, though, don't delete srb2ex.cfg. Now, I want all of...
  12. Shadow Hog

    SRB2 2.0.X Bug Reports (Pre-2.0.5)

    You know the drill. If you are getting an error message, write down exactly what it says. Otherwise our crack team of coders will not be able to find it and where it's coming from. Also, if the game SIGSEGVs, not only tell us what you were doing, but check the bottom listing of errorlog.txt and...
  13. Shadow Hog

    I luv rick astlee

    This topic was part of the April Fools 2008 joke on the SRB2 forums. Read at your own risk ^_~ hiz moozak r sooooo poplar~♪ heer check owt "nvr gnna giv u up" its hot butt not as hott as worthy ♥
  14. Shadow Hog

    For a college project: Age? Sex? Location?

    Exactly what it sounds like. Give me your age, your gender, and the country you live in (I don't care to be any more specific than that). Technically the paper's due in an hour, but I'm going to ask for an extension (for partial credit). That and I'm just curious to see how young our userbase...
  15. Shadow Hog

    Raiding again, May 22, 2008

    YES. Bear in mind that they're taking Ford's old age into account, so the "hey, isn't Ford, like, ancient?" argument doesn't count anymore.
  16. Shadow Hog

    Son of a sandworm!

    It's official: Sandworms are now the new submariners. Square Enix has dictated it and so shall it be law. Makes me wonder how the "self-help booklet" scene was handled. Anyway, point to this topic is, Final Fantasy VI is now on the Game Boy Advance, just three or four months after Final Fantasy...
  17. Shadow Hog

    Requested rule modification (well, consideration, anyway)

    In Releases: I understand the desire to have the filename included in the topic title. But seriously, does it have to be the topic title itself? You could just place it anywhere in the post and it'd still turn up a result in the search engine. I dunno, it's just that always seeing the filenames...
  18. Shadow Hog

    Enough is enough.

    (Damn Firefox crashing, looks like I'll have to start over...) Alright, first off, I'm not leaving (unless I'm somehow banned for this post), so this isn't one of those lousy "I'M LEAVING BUT NOT REALLY SO GIVE ME ATTENTION" threads that seem so common on the Internets. Lately I've been...
  19. Shadow Hog

    StH (the new one) has a demo out now on Xbox Live.

    So how is it? I can't access it since I don't have access to Xbox Live Marketplace, but I've heard very mixed opinions, with one thing being fairly commonplace - people think it's a little too shoddy to be very well representative of the final product. Still, opinions would be nice.
  20. Shadow Hog

    Star Trek

    Simple question. Which was best, and why? I personally say TNG, simply because: A) It's the one I've watched the most of (and I've barely scratched the surface, I'm sure) B) Picard is a badass. C) It was the most prominent one when I was growing up, which directly ties into A. You?