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    echoshift (Upcoming Game)

    After browsing demos in Playstation Store yesterday, I came across this innovative game known as echoshift. It seems to be from the creators of echochrome, as the artwork and certain obstacles are similar. echoshift is a 2D puzzle game. Each level has a set amount of time. After the time ends...
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    Custom Textures Trouble

    I'm having serious trouble with custom textures on XWE. I have followed the Wiki tutorial and made sure I had set the correct IWAD, palette, and the new PNAMES and TEXTURE1 lumps. Yet, I end up getting SIGSEGV'd ingame. When I open the WAD up in SRB2DB, I get this error: WARNING: Could not find...
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    Making Intangible from Below FOFs?

    Hey, I was in the process of messing with the new linedefs and I noticed that the Intangible from Below FOF linedef is no longer in the set. I checked the Wiki and it's not there, either. I figured it was taken out, yet the SRB1 Remake levels have FOFs that are intangible from below. How do I...
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    Power Stone Spawn Point?

    I was looking through things in SRB2DB and found something peculiar. There's a thing type called "Power Stone Spawn Point" that has the green emerald's sprite. I tried it in a map and nothing happened. What is it used for?
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    Scaling Rings?

    I was wondering how to scale rings using linedef type 438 - Set Object's Scale. I see that ERZ3 has a scaled down ring, and I wanted to know how to do it.
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    *SPOILER!* Secret Blue Spheres Cameo?!

    Oh, you developers are so sneaky! I found something in the special stages! [spoiler:e319a46e86] If you get shot by another player in Special Stages, Blue Spheres come out! They even have their original sound from S3&K! [/spoiler:e319a46e86]
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    Water Colormap Problem

    I recently discovered this annoying aesthetics problem. When water is below an FOF or betweem the FOF's floor and ceiling, the colormap stays in place. But if you use a linedef to raise the water and the water goes above the FOF, the colormap suddenly disappears! If there isn't a fix for...
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    Sector Type 974 Started Behaving Like Type 975?

    Recently, sector type 974 (trigger linedef anywhere in sector) began behaving like sector type 975 (touch sector floor). I read the Wiki and it said not to use with an "Each Time" linedefs. However, I am using "Once" linedefs. Is there any known cause and/or solution to this?
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    Favorite Video Game Item of All Time?

    Just wondering what your guys' favorite video game items are (i.e. super mushroom, empty bottle, chaos emerald...) Everyone has one :P Mine is the Hookshot. It would be so cool to have one :D
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    How Do You Talk in Real Life?

    i bet you guys all sound like faggots lmao inb4 ice acts like the posing bitch he is
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    How Does RedXVI Avoid the FOF Error?

    In other words, how does the GFZ1 RedXVI secret avoid the FOF top/bottom height error in RVZ1, while using MAP MAP16 causes a crash? EDIT: Also, why is RVZ1 playable in the game but it's shown as an error in WAD editors?
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    Paper Wads in Logo?

    I looked at one of the logos, and noticed that Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are holding paper wads (NOT SRB2 WADs). Is this like an inside joke or something? Or is it one of those "see who notices first" things?
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    What's Wrong with the Knuckles Sprites?

    We all know the Knuckles sprites aren't yet done, and that we can't "ask for a finished Knuckles". But what is wrong with them? Were they rushed, ripped, or made by a bad spriter?
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    Will Crawlas Ever Shoot?

    I've always wondered whether or not if Crawlas will ever shoot. I mean, they have turret-like "noses" and the concept art shows them firing bullets. Is there a chance of Crawlas becoming bullet-firing enemies? Or will there be a variant of Crawla that will fire bullets?
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    Favorite Link?

    If you're a Zelda fan, then you realize that there are a number of different incarnations of Link. So, which one do you like best? I, for one, like the Hero of Time Link.
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    Mario's Job?

    I've always been confused. What exactly is Mario's job/career? Is he a doctor, carpenter, or plumber? **NOTE:** I am referring the the videogame character, Super Mario, not the rapper.
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    I Can't Has New Avatarz?

    Is this a joke or something? I've been trying to upload myself a new avatar, but everytime I try it says "Sorry, user registration temporarily disabled. Try again later." Has this happened to any of you?
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    Good Hosting for Sprite Comics?

    I have a sprite comic (the sig, the sig) and I would like to know what website would have decent hosting. I have a Freewebs, and it sucks. I'm gonna follow the style that shows a comic and "First", "Previous", "Next" and "Latest" buttons (and possibly a thing to skip comics). So, what website is...
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    IP Tracing

    I was wondering........ is it possible to track someone through their IP address? Like hackers and sexual predators, people like that. After all, your computer is the only one with its IP address (well any other computers in the same house will have the same IP address). So is it possible? And...
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    How Did the SRB2MB Get BGM?

    This topic was part of the April Fools 2008 joke on the SRB2 forums. Read at your own risk ^_~ Seriously, how did the SRB2MB get background music? I'm familiar with phpBB, but I've never seen (heard?) this before. Anyone care to explain?