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  1. TheDoctor

    Fixed [2.1.15] Wrong Texture in Red Volcano

    Can't believe I'm making an entire topic for this very small thing that is barely worth the time of a topic, but I can see no where else to post it, so might as well:
  2. TheDoctor

    Transparency of Objects

    I am making this one map pack, and I use the torch object alot (with new sprites ofc), and the transparency is sorta bothering me for this specific map pack. I know it can be done through SOCs, but the only way I know how to SOC is through the outdated 2.0 socedit tool :p. So, how could I...
  3. TheDoctor

    2D Mode vs. Enabled 2D Mode

    Not sure if this was intentional, but I've compared 2D mode (through MAINCFG), to Enabled 2D mode (through linedef 432), and the results are quite different in terms of player stats. When in regular 2d mode, the player's action speed is dumbed down, as well as normal speed, but in enabled 2d...
  4. TheDoctor

    Egg Rock Core's hole in the wall/floor.

    On the floor part of the walled barrier, I found this little hole:
  5. TheDoctor

    OpenGL MD2...complaint?

    I hate that word, but I guess this would be considered a complaint...or an informative thread. Yeah, I like that better. Md2 models in the past couple version have had this one...not really an error, but a strange..way of rendering the model depending on which way the player is facing. Let...
  6. TheDoctor

    SetDriver was not called?

    Went on SRB2 not long ago, and got this random error out of nowhere: No changes have been made to anything since I last played it. Everything was fine until I went to play it a while ago, and got this error. Ever since, I keep getting this error. The menus load properly, however when...
  7. TheDoctor

    A Question and Recommendation

    When using the fan that has an FOF above it, the effects of the fan are carried out to continually go even above the FOF. Here are two pictures of what I mean: The question is; What can I do to avoid this problem where the effect of the fan continues to be carried out despite the FOF above...
  8. TheDoctor

    Telekinesis & Whirlwind Sheild

    Just noticed this earlier today while playing as Emer- I mean, Metal anyone, and while having the Telekinesis ability, the whirlwind shield's ability doesn't work. I think this is due to the pull things toward you ability.
  9. TheDoctor


    A model made by (once again) my good friend NIRBOcrock, edited by me to look more like Emerl, decimated, and made into an Md2. Recommended for use on the skin "Metal Anyone", this skin has animations based on the sprites from the game "Sonic Battle". Recommended md2.dat code: Emerl.md2...
  10. TheDoctor

    A bit of some spriting help

    I started to make my first every sprite that I ever made from scratch, and so far it was turning out okish, but I need some help or advice on two components of a sprite.. the hands and shoes. I simply am horrible with them. Here is the sprite I am working on: So with that perspective, any...
  11. TheDoctor

    Sonic Boom & Shadow the Hedgehog

    Sonic Boom model belongs to my good friend, and amazing modeler, NIBROCrock. The model is his, with my methods of decimation and transplanation due to the limits of SRB2's polycount and Vert count. The Shadow the Hedgehog model is from Shadow the Hedgehog (the game), with edited textures to...
  12. TheDoctor

    SC_Medpack (Previously known as SC_GMS)

    This is a map pack containing three levels; Glyphic Canyon (not a port of the original), Manray Zone (an ice-snow type level. Dispite it looking like Frozen factory, using the music from Frozen factory, and having the trees from Sonic Lost World, and having a mach speed part, I highly assure...
  13. TheDoctor

    Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed (Android)

    Well, one day I was playing Sonic Dash on Android, and boom. I found out that Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed has been released FREE on the play store. This android version is a port of the 3DS version of the game, but with some limitations. For example, on the 3DS, almost every...
  14. TheDoctor

    1 - up sound thingy

    For my manray zone level, there is this one beautiful mach speed moment with lots o rings and obstacles, but the 1-up sound stops the music and restarts it from, well, the start. So my question is; How can I make it so the sound of getting a 1-up doesn't interfere with the music?
  15. TheDoctor

    Need models? Good, I'm bored.

    As the title says, I am willing to make md2 models (or any models for that matter) for anything you request aslong as I can complete what you are requesting. Why? I'm bored. To show examples of my model skills, here are some pictures of such models: Made from Scratch (The Roly Poly Putt model...
  16. TheDoctor

    [Reusable] Brak-Eggman (MetalRobotnik)

    This all started with Sonicfan 2000's idea of trying to create a Brak-Eggman md2, but was later handed the original model of brak-eggman to work with, unfortunetly it was too high-poly for it to be put into SRB2. So, he handed it to me to reduce the poly count of the model. In doing so, all the...
  17. TheDoctor

    Sonic 3D Blast Special Stages (srb2 style)

    Well, lets all face it, the srb2 special stages can get pretty dull. We need excitement, we need fast paced, ring collecting, spike dodging action. Thats what this will give us: This was a test run, and the test has passed, so I will be...
  18. TheDoctor

    Classic Sonic Heroes: Starlight dance

    I was playing Classic Sonic Heroes a while ago, and uploaded this one dance on youtube, and want to share it here for its' funny look: (Hope this is the right place to post this :o)
  19. TheDoctor


    The Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes. This is not a port, merely a look-a-like. There are two versions for this map, so careful which one you download and play, don't come to me with errors here and there. The supported versions of SRB2 for this are: SRB2 Comunity Build (Regular) SRB2 Comunity...
  20. TheDoctor

    Modernly Heroic & Sonic Boom MD2s

    This is a model of Sonic Heroes, ported to SRB2 and edited by me to look more like Modern Sonic. This Sonic md2 has modern animations, and even has Sonic Lost World "wall run" animations when using Knuckles' wall climb ability. A second model is in the pack which is an edit of ModernlyHeroic...