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  1. Joki

    Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress

    bro this is an awesome mod i really enjoy it a lot thanks man
  2. Joki

    Amy Mania Abilities (Version 2.0)

    Again, very fair and balanced.
  3. Joki

    [Reusable] Re:Overdrive - One Last Sinister SOC

    jesus christ on a bicycle
  4. Joki

    [Reusable] SRB2 except you're colorblind.

    As someone who is colorblind, this does nothing for me. Great mod
  5. Joki

    Amy Mania Abilities (Version 2.0)

    Nononope this power is totally justified
  6. Joki

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    Make sure you have over 50 rings, all 7 Emeralds, and HOLD the dab button down on the ground.
  7. Joki

    [Reusable] The Rabbid Returns! V3

    As of writing, it has been 23 minutes since Rabbids have been acknowledged on the message board and that scares me
  8. Joki

    [Reusable] Sonc's Funny Adventure

    soniv the headh8g :) hill are the us
  9. Joki

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    This mod feels the most polished and complete in SRB2 history, and it's not even fully complete, at least from what I've seen on Chrispy's Twitter. All I know is there's gonna be an update with the option to change Fluffy's shoe color to light blue instead of red, and even then I don't know...
  10. Joki

    [Reusable] Hugs

    this is the only good mod on the master server. it's the only mod on the master server. nobody can top this. nothing can top this. nobody has topped this. there are no other mods on the master server.
  11. Joki

    [Reusable] First To mod v1.0

    I can't believe you're the first to mod SRB2 Kart this is an incredible moment in gameing history
  12. Joki

    [Reusable] Persona Randomizer

    This released faster than Kart randomizer, which I don't even know if that's a thing
  13. Joki

    [Reusable] cover yourself in oil

    There's this meme where oil floats in water, so if you cover yourself in oil, you'll float when it rains. Logic 100
  14. Joki

    [Reusable] Vroom Vroom! It's the Micro Pack!

    Cool pack but where is Bandage Micro
  15. Joki

    [Reusable] Mecha Sonic (SRB1) [v1.1]

    Boy, how far we've gone.
  16. Joki

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    Speaking of which, are you guys still working on this pack? It's been a while since we've seen anything come out of this.
  17. Joki

    [Reusable] Micro

    Micro didn't watch the Super Mario Brothers Super Show :pensive:
  18. Joki

    [Reusable] More Tails - Tails' tails for Others!

    Roleplayers are gonna have a field day with this