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  1. TheKillerEmerald

    Natasha (Unfinished)

    So this was a character wad I started some time ago and as usual I hit a road block. Problem one is that this character is not suppose to drown while under water but I can't code and I don't have the mind to learn how. The other problem is that I can't make sprites for the character so right now...
  2. TheKillerEmerald

    trouble creating custom enemys

    So there was something I want to make but when I changed the SpawnHealth it caused the enemy to disappear the first time I hit it instead of staying alive. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  3. TheKillerEmerald

    The Lost Campaign

    So this was some thing I wanted to start but most likely can't finish because Im just one person with very little ability. The two levels shown in the three gifs are suppose to replace the first two levels in the normal game, the first one is already done but not the second one.
  4. TheKillerEmerald

    How to make metal sonic race

    This one is probably really simple but there is a level I wanted to try to make and I can't seem to get metal sonic to move so I want to know what I am suppose to do.
  5. TheKillerEmerald

    Stary hideout (unfinished)

    So this is something I made as a hangout area but like everything else I started I won't really finish it. I kind of just wanted to show it anyway.
  6. TheKillerEmerald

    Arrow projectile problem.

    Hey so I'm trying to make a character wad and I have this problem that makes it so I can't get it to shoot arrows with out having frozenLake's Robo Hood character wad active at the same time, is there a way to fix this?