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  1. Joki

    Super Mario 3D All Stars

    It's September 18th, y'all. What do you think about SM3DAS?
  2. Joki

    Every Smash Brother

    This is the one smash bros thread for every smash bros game because no one made one yet :)
  3. Joki

    GFZ Discussion

    My problem with GFZ is that it's too short. I think you can take both acts and combine them into one act and have a unique second act. However, it's still a really good tutorial level. I especially like the 2nd act, as it shows off the rolling momentum in some parts, like the beginning and the...
  4. Joki

    ClassicNC's regular editing thread

    I'm gonna post screenshots of stuff I'm workin' on
  5. Joki

    Paper Mario for 2.2.X

    Yup, it's him. Paper Mario will be folding his way into the SRB2 universe, and he'll have white outlines! [INSERT SCREENSHOT HERE, FOR I SHALL IMPORT SPRITES AT A LATER TIME]
  6. Joki

    Super Mario Odyssey: 3 years later

    Oh man oh god... it's been three years since Mario Odyssey captured out hearts. However, we must ask... does it still hold up tod- Of course it does. But what do you think about it now? I personally hold this as my favorite game of all time, but how about you?
  7. Joki

    What's up with your signature?

    How did you get your signature? I got mine because sigs r 4 gayyyys (Gay rights tho)
  8. Joki

    Pressing backspace hovering over 'PAGE' in the server select sends you back

    This needs to be fixed right away, game is literally unplayable with this bug
  9. Joki

    Thanks for stickin' around!

    These are weird and confusing times. The beginning of the new decade has begun, and we have to stay inside because of a virus. All I have to say, after 7 years of being in this community, is thank you all. The world can throw anything at us, global warming, viruses, and more, and we may get into...
  10. Joki

    Let's be real - needs a makeover

    It's time for a change. For the website, that is.
  11. Joki

    S o n i c h e e e r r o o o e s

    Savin' the stage for the heroes.. bluh bleh! Cheesy Sonic media at it's finest, it's Sonic Heroes! Did you play Sonic Heroes? Did you pirate it you sick f- Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? Or do you have no memories whatsoever? And did you collect all of those Chaos Emeralds?
  12. Joki

    Mario re-releases?

    Mario re-releases! What Mario games do you think will get re-released? And while we're on the topic, what new Mario games would you like to see?