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  1. SonicerRANACD

    [Reusable] Duos (v1.0.2) - Quick Skin Swapping!

    Nice, When I was playing as sonic and tails and switched to tails, there was the original tails following me.
  2. SonicerRANACD

    New Question: Will RedXVI make a appearance in later versions

    Now that RedXVI has secretly been referenced in 2.2, Will he make an ACTUAL Appearance in the later versions??
  3. SonicerRANACD

    [Reusable] The Skeld - Among Us

    If you use this and the EXE gamemode, you basically have among us.
  4. SonicerRANACD

    [Reusable] DragonBall Z Transformation ColorPack

    If this gives you DBZ abilities too, heck I'm all for it!
  5. SonicerRANACD

    What happend to RedXI

    Back in the final demo, there use to be this person called RedXI, after beating the game 3 times, If you jumped on the roof of the house in GFZ1 3 times, RedXI would appear and send you to Red Volcano zone beta, He was also in GFZ2, If you found him, he'd give you "The 8th Emerald" and you'd...
  6. SonicerRANACD

    [Reusable] SRB2 8-Bit Soundtrack

    SRB2 For the SEGA Master System
  7. SonicerRANACD

    [Reusable] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

    Woah Woah! This is SO cool! Like super smash bro's character select =D