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  1. Sammythehedgehog1998

    So i need help, making a klonoa mod

    basically, i dont know what im doing. first off, what is the recommended way to sprite in the srb2 style, drawing tablet, mouse or other. also what is the recommended size for a klonoa srb2 sprite. and how would i code a yoshi flutter jump esce double jump, and how do i code in grabbing and...
  2. Sammythehedgehog1998

    So i think i just made the coolest srb2 screenshot ever.

    so i was using the adventure sonic mod and i just decided randomly to make a screenshot of super sonic, so i had to make this one special, you can probably see why im so impressed with the results
  3. Sammythehedgehog1998

    Klonoa For Srb2 2.2

    So Im Making An Srb2 Klonoa Mod, I Dont Know Lua, Srb2 Spriting or anything else, i can however, do the basics of srb2 character creation, For My Klonoa Mod, im going to make klonoa sprites in the srb2 style using his klonoa 2 design, inflated sprites of enemies, a moveset identical to somthing...