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  1. Jellybones

    Creating/Implementing MD3s?

    I'm interesting in creating MD3s for SRB2. I'm interested in looking at some in-depth guides to this. Not the actual how-to of 3D modeling, but of the steps needed to put a 3D model into use in SRB2. I ask because in searching the SRB2 Wiki, there doesn't seem to be a lot of information? At...
  2. Jellybones

    Toontown Rewritten, an MMORPG

    Toontown Online was an MMO run by Disney from 2003-2013, a full ten years. Despite being targeted mainly at a younger audience, it brought in a lot of older players as well and was a rare instance of families playing an MMO together. However as I stated, it was closed nearly a year ago by...
  3. Jellybones

    Fixing linedefs that cross

    When all is said and done, is there a way to fix these? I can't really delete them as they're attached to a whole bunch of other sectors (I noticed it too late, unfortunately), but they create slime trails and connecting anything else next to it makes even uglier bugs appear. SRB2DB provides...
  4. Jellybones

    SRB2 Doom Builder Error

    I keep getting this error in SRB2 Doom Builder: "Error 9 While Loading Map: Subscript Out of Range" In 3D mode textures all get changed to ???, however in-game they remain as what they used to be before the error. Applying new textures doesn't work as they don't show up either. It will crash...
  5. Jellybones

    What do you do?

    I thought it'd be interesting to have a somewhat personal thread. In the years I've been here there's always been you lot of familiar faces that I don't know much about. Therefore, some questions that could make for a nice discussion: What do you do for work? Is it a career, or just a job? If...
  6. Jellybones

    Error 424

    After setting up SRB2 Doom Builder I attempted to create a new map and got this message: Error 424 while creating map: object required What's this mean? I made sure I set up the configuration correctly. All seems in place but I continue getting this message. And I have to click "Ok" several...
  7. Jellybones

    SRB2DB or DB2?

    I've recently had an interesting in fooling around in SRB2's level creator again and I learned that there exists a newer editor, DB2. Straight to the point, I'm wondering about people's opinions on if I should go with DB2 or SRB2DB? If there are any major differences, pros cons, etc. It's more...
  8. Jellybones

    Youtube gif program?

    I'm looking for a gif creator of some kind that simply allows me to get parts of youtube videos and turn them into .gifs. I wanted to make an avatar of all. Specifically I wanted to make an avatar of 0:51-0:53 for this video Any suggestions?
  9. Jellybones

    Is a PSP worth getting?

    I was thinking recently of getting a PSP. Specifically the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker pack I saw in K-mart (even though it's supposedly a gamestop exclusive) It's all green, which is my favorite color. My only problem is, I can't seem to find many interesting games on the system. The...
  10. Jellybones

    Action Replay DSi Help

    I've successfully installed the AR DSi Code Manager Program, but a message popped up when I plugged the USB cord into the AR card. It wasn't out of the ordinary, it was asking me for it to install a driver. I accidentally picked "don't show this again" and now I don't know how to get it working...
  11. Jellybones

    Bioshock 2

    Anyone picked up this game yet? It looks great! I can't wait to play it. I pre-ordered the Limited Edition for the PS3, and when I pick it up later today or tomorrow I'll get back to you guys on the bonus stuff it comes with it.
  12. Jellybones

    PS3 Game Suggestions

    I've been trying out a few demos on the PSN store, and so many of them are great! The PS3 has so many great games. So I'm wondering if you guys can suggest some good games for the PS3? I already own Littlebigplanet, so far the games I would like to get are Batman Arkham Asylum and Brutal Legend.
  13. Jellybones

    SRB2MB of the sort-of past?

    I was googling my username (shut up) when I came across this: It looks to me like a move for the board that was never finished, by Cue. (The bottom of the page says Powered by CueMunity Version 1.0) It probably doesn't matter anyway, but I thought it'd be nice to...
  14. Jellybones

    Replacing sprites

    I want to replace sprites of some the Scenery things, but it doesn't work. I looked on the wiki and named my custom sprites the same as what the wiki says they are called. The sprite even shows up the way I want it to on the SRB2DB things menu- but not in game. I tried replacing the orange...
  15. Jellybones

    Jelly's Hideout

    If you ever played an obscure mod called SRB2 Colosseum for 1.09.4 (A pack by me with other map maker's maps, with permission cuz I know someone might point it out) one of my maps in it was called Jelly's Lair. I'm sort of remaking the level for 2.0's Hide And Seek. The concept remains the same...
  16. Jellybones

    Getting Online is now Impossible

    Getting online has never been an issue for me, but only recently when I select "Join Server" in the multiplayer menu, the game crashes, and I get this error: No idea why this happened. Help appreciated.
  17. Jellybones

    Can any of you suggest a free video convertor

    I've googled "free video convertor" but I am not sure what is the best to get, and I don't want to try all of them. I already tried a few that didn't even work for what I wanted. I'm mainly looking for a (free, of course) video converter that can convert .avi, .mov, to .wmv (Or whatever it is...
  18. Jellybones

    Another one of SRB2DB's problems

    SRB2DB has been like this a while now, but I want to get back into map making. Whenever I open SRB2DB, it has no config. No problem, right? I just set the v2.0 config, but whenever I do that I get an error and it crashes:
  19. Jellybones

    How does Bouncy sector work?

    I looked at the wiki, but it doesn't have the answer to my problem. I applied the bouncy effect to the control sector but all it does is when I get on the FOF it launches my player way too fast, if the linedef is a large length. If it is a small length the fof does not bounce and instead makes...
  20. Jellybones

    Giant Jungle Zone

    My newest map in the making, and my second attempt at a Single Player level, Giant Jungle Zone. As the name implies, you are in a jungle. And it's really huge. Using scale, the player is shrinked down to a size smaller then some enemies. You start out in a tree trunk, with some bushy grass...