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  1. UnsungSenpai

    Axelcior's Investigation Pack

    Hey thanks for making this, have some friends that love playing yosuke in P4Arena games and BBTAG
  2. UnsungSenpai

    The Platinum Sparks Pack!

    Yo gave your "Zero Space" level a run in our rotation, didn't get the rest of your level pack in our rotation, but i love megaman x level themes a lot, and especially love the look/music of the map. So I'd thought i'd share stream highlight of some comments from my discord racers and of course...
  3. UnsungSenpai

    [Level Pack] Dig Pack

    I've been liking every level of your Dig pack, but your recent one Flying Machine Map had some annoying inconsistent jump that has to be particular. I dunno if this is intentional but I personally think ramp raised higher elevation or spring to bounce higher in air would help guarantee air time...
  4. UnsungSenpai

    [Reusable] Parry (KL_parry-v1.pk3)

    So i don't know if you're still around, i tried to make sure put in commands turning off "jaws parry", but i think it still does.
  5. UnsungSenpai

    [Reusable] Parry (KL_parry-v1.pk3)

    Time to Daigo Parry this :wonderful:
  6. UnsungSenpai

    [Character] FrostBrush Character Pack (Klonoa Update)

    Are you still by any chance working on Ratchet & Clank? I'm hoping personally you add the Ryno V music ("1812 Overture" is written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) for rachet power-up would be AMAZING!
  7. UnsungSenpai

    [Character] Kamen Rider: Heisei Pack I & II [v2.0]

    I see a lot of hard work went into this, the art and voicing modes, really appreciate it. Though do you ever think you'll do 2nd version of characters on motorcycles?
  8. UnsungSenpai

    [Script] MDHorns - Yet Another Hornmod Expansion (V3 UPDATE)

    Hi, im new to this SRB2 Kart and its mods, only kinda figuring out modding on surface level such as the whole "game-addon" checkmarking stuff. How does this work exactly? i tried activating your mod alone but nothing comes out. Is the the previous mod "HORNMOD: CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION CE 1"...