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  1. RinDaFoxDrago

    Chaos Mode

    They are just there as extra badniks you can add in.
  2. RinDaFoxDrago

    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    Hmm, beta test? Like that's going to happen to me. Anyways, great mod so far.
  3. RinDaFoxDrago

    Help with learning spriting

    There's a pinned guide in the #spriting channel of the SRB2 server.
  4. RinDaFoxDrago

    [Reusable] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

    This post was made before the power that is CrossOver for Mac. Moe's Mansion can be played just fine, it's only that I still Z-free. I realized the Z-frees are only linked to Mac-related errors.
  5. RinDaFoxDrago

    [Reusable] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

    If only there was a Mac version available, but it looks like I have to be stuck with getting Z-free all time.