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  1. Axolex53

    The Usage of... BBC Code on SRB2's MB (A Question)

    So... I think, I saw a post here on MB that explains the use of BBC Code (Did i spelled right?). You know, the "[...]" & "[/... ]" thing to make unique our post; I see users that know the full potential of this Source Code and so i want to know the secret. I can't find it on the search because...
  2. Axolex53

    About your country+ Curiosities

    Some of you maybe lives in United States and that's fine! But because of Internet, SRB2 become a mundial thing, so... What about talking from our view point of the country where we live? Sure that in the school we had to explain about a country other than ours, and that's another reason for...
  3. Axolex53

    Did the Boost Formula ruined Modern Sonic?

    Alright! Let's get to the point This boost formula is something like a double edged sword, makes you go fast to end the level (which is fine, being a Sonic) but at the same time, make it too OP (at least in Forces) wiping all the enemies in your way, making them... forgettable and less...
  4. Axolex53

    Ultimate mode has actually lives

    So ... yeah, you know the ultimate mode that is unlocked when you type Ultimate in the data select? Which says that has no spare lives? Well in that game mode I found a bug that I don't know if it's intentional. Since when you get the seven Chaos emeralds and go for another token, it acts like...