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  1. Jaco Boy

    SRB2 Uncapped PLUS

    Build 12 won't let me enable mods EDIT: nvm, it was an issue on my end
  2. Jaco Boy

    Max Control Pack

    There's a bug where shields with ring magnet properties will not attract rings with MCSonic.
  3. Jaco Boy

    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.3a]

    Hey, I'm experiencing an issue. I just beat the game and got a 100% item completion rating. But when I try to play a level from the level select, I can only move and jump. 1617563824 I'm gonna guess this has a role to play in that
  4. Jaco Boy


    An option to turn off the super music
  5. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    Do you have any plans for making extras features for xmomentum? Also you can make hyper/super sonic flip while flying if you run off of an edge
  6. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] [v5.2] The Mystic Realm

    Why would they release a new build and not update the links? Plus they said the project was killed. This is absolutely fake. Why would you upload this?
  7. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] [v5.2] The Mystic Realm

    I played the first zone, honestly im not a big fan of the level design. I kept seeing myself getting lost. Especially in act 2. I didnt really like the use of the pumcodedemon. The emerald shrines were pretty cool though. It sucks that the project got fucked over due to the stuff with Prime. At...
  8. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] [v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul

    This mod is really good! Although I did encounter a few issues. When you use the latest version of the mecha sonic mod and go hyper with mecha, it instantly causes the games framerate to slow to a crawl. Around 5 or less. But it goes back to 35 fps right after mecha loses the hyper form. When...
  9. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] Sonic.EXE [v4.1.5a] (Compatibility)

    One suggestion I have for the mod is to replace the greyscale sonic with exe. It could look cooler for the race act. plus sonic racing a grayscale version of himself looks weird. Although I guess I could say the same for grayscale metal and fang.
  10. Jaco Boy

    Thoughts on pandoras box?

    I was originally just gonna make this about the ultimate cheat, but then I realized that I haven't seen a thread talk about pandoras Box as a whole. Or at least not recently. So I figured id make this thread about that. Personally, I think pandoras box is a good reward for getting 100%. You get...
  11. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] KHBlast - Release Candidate 1.5.5

    I think this mod is really cool, and adds a new level of depth to srb2. But in my experience, the mod absolutely tanks the fps. More so after Techno Hill. On zones like Castle Eggman, I can normally play without the fps tipping below 30. But when this mod is enabled, im lucky if I can get even...
  12. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] NeoGreenflower Act 1 (Revamp)

    Im gonna be completely honest with you. The level itself is pretty cool. I really like how the level looks now that robotnik's influence is gone. But the secret room was hidden in a really shitty way. There is nothing on or near the wall that hints that you can just walk through it. The only way...
  13. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] Everyone Likes Tails

    Simple, but still cool!
  14. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] Hard Sonic

    A living shitpost and broken? Whats not to love?
  15. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] Alternate Player Names

    Im glad you made a wad that fixed this absolutely HORRIBLE oversight. Now I can play srb2 in its ultimate form! (in case you dont know, this is a joke comment.)
  16. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] [v1.4] ~ Pipe Towers Zone revamped

    This looks very good! its nice to see you picked up the slack lol. ill definitely give this a go
  17. Jaco Boy

    [Reusable] A Mod That Ruins SRB2

    Haha what if you made a nsfw version and posted it somewhere else as a joke haha that would be wacky wouldnt it? ̶u̶n̶l̶e̶s̶s̶?̶