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  1. StarrySunset

    [SRB2Kart] (Ember V1) Browne

    StarrySunset submitted a new resource: [SRB2Kart] Browne V1 - A little OC Read more about this resource...
  2. StarrySunset

    [Reusable] CopperColors

    Introducing CopperColors! A Skincolor pack done with getting a random color generator! Enjoy these 18 colors! Ash Grey Azure Flame Camouflage Brown Camouflage Green Candy Copper Cardinal Rose Cherry Blossom Chocolate n' Cherry Chrome Citrus Dawn Mystic Onion Osmium Packed Ice T h e r m a...
  3. StarrySunset

    How to Get Maverick Model 3D (Misfit Model 3D but Better) on Ubuntu

    Hello! I have received help from the creator, and I now know how to get MM3D on Ubuntu! Tutorial Link :
  4. StarrySunset

    How do I use Rotsprite?

    I want automatic NiGHTS rotation for my custom character. I cant figure out how though. (You can take this down for dumb of a question I'm asking)
  5. StarrySunset

    [Reusable] CopperHUD and CopperHUDClassic 2.0

    Introducing... CopperHUD & CopperHUDClassic 2.0! Constructive criticism is accepted! CopperHUD uses Mania Style Hud (Time #'#"#)while CopperHUDClassic uses an older hud used by Generations and the Genesis Trio (Time #:#.#). Version 2 is a Complete overhaul of CopperHUD. Plans for future...
  6. StarrySunset

    A new Character?! (In Beta)

    Hello! This is my first mod and it's really bad. The Sprites are offset and the size is also bad. I'm gonna include a version with and without a Lua script for the hammer jump(it doesn't work with him. he gets launched into the sky. The NiGHTS/Super sprites don't appear, he isn't playable in...