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  1. BeanBurrito

    My Sonic and Shadow Chao!

    I've been growing some Chao, and I raised some Run type chao that are sonic and shadow chao! here they are. My Shadow chao, still growing and halfway through its second evolution My Sonic chao, fully evolved and thriving
  2. BeanBurrito

    Chao Island Viewer

    Yall need to check this out. This program replicates SA2's chao system so you can make custom chaos under SA2's system. Check it out here
  3. BeanBurrito

    Art Commission Stuff

    Hi, I'm doing OC commissions for $0 total. Fire your Sonic OC at me and I'll draw it! I'll put the DeviantArt links for each drawing, and expect my drawings to be hot garbage.
  4. BeanBurrito

    SA1/2 physics

    ok but are we gonna talk about how flawless and smooth the physics and controls in sonic adventure 1/2 are? they may even make you have a, ahem... Hand-Gasm or whatever it's called when a game has good controls lmao
  5. BeanBurrito

    roger craig smith is not sunky anymore

    damnn, it looks like roger really is leaving sonic's position. who's gonna be the new actor?
  6. BeanBurrito

    Skincolor help

    Alright, so I'm a little known modder, and I only make skincolor mods because I can only make scripts (I use a chrome os) and have no idea how to do lua abilities. Anyways, I'm trying to code a new color pack, but I keep getting all these DAMN 4th chaos emeralds errors. Any tips? also sorry...
  7. BeanBurrito

    Ngl this is literally my oc

    Not gonna lie my profile picture is literally my oc now
  8. BeanBurrito

    Furry self-question panic

    So I don't think I'm a furry but I have a fursona version of my OC, does that make me a furry?
  9. BeanBurrito

    [Reusable] Burrito's Color Packs

    COLOR PACK 1 Burrito's Classic Series Color Pack Heyo, so this pretty much marks my debut in the SRB2 modding community. It's my first mod and I did this on a cheap school chromebook, so yeah. Anyways, this is a classic (Genesis, Generations, and CD) styled color pack. FEATURES Like I said...