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  1. Plutia

    Splatoon 2

    Surprised no one made a thread for this before? I picked it up (along with the switch itself) rather recently and I've just been having a BLAST. Especially with salmon run. I didn't think much of it beyond 'oh, that's neat' back when it was first revealed but gosh actually playing it it's just...
  2. Plutia

    Copy Kitty

    Steam page Trailer Boki can perfectly copy the abilities of anything she fights—but not content with mere mimicry, she can also combine up to 3 abilities at once to form 175 completely unique super-weapons...
  3. Plutia

    [Reusable] Project: Genesis v2.1b (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Music Mod)

    But who's to judge I'd reaaally love to have all these available as files that aren't already inserted into the game.
  4. Plutia

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    part 4 anime begins today
  5. Plutia

    Win10 is being forced as an important update to Win7 users If you have auto-updates on then it will upgrade you to windows 10 without consent and stuff so if anyone doesn't know yet and hasn't fallen prey to it you can look at that to see how to not...
  6. Plutia

    [Reusable] (THOKKER) Guarded Garden

    Red sun over paradise; red sun i made some small changes. the little root spike things are gone and the goals have a different look because red/bluwall is ugly
  7. Plutia

    Thokker - Let's play "Kick the Crawla"!

    The reptile tail ripped from its back; when the sun sets thok your dislike of ball puns red on another note, making maps for this is pretty easy so please give it a try
  8. Plutia

    Thokker - Let's play "Kick the Crawla"!

    When the air blows through; with a brisk attack i can't wait to finally play with balls
  9. Plutia

    [Reusable] (THOKKER) Guarded Garden

    a thokker map! made this a while back while thokker was all the rage in irc -- mapnum is MAPBC iirc? obviously you will need the thokker exe to play this inspired greatly by etrian odyssey 2
  10. Plutia

    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    The vulture waits to see what rots; oh how pretty help they're deafening me simply by existing
  11. Plutia

    Tails CD

    Now the animals slowly retreat; to the shadows – out of sight please make this a feature, it's incredible
  12. Plutia

    Mibibli's Quest a videogame, its kinda megamanish. you can get it for free. its got surreal levels and an awesome soundtrack been playing it myself and have almost beaten it!
  13. Plutia

    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    Red sun; red sun over paradise That sounds rather odd; the only way I know of that that might happen is if you had scripts disabled but I doubt you'd be able to post in that case.
  14. Plutia

    Sonic Robo Blast 2: Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

    All the stains of time; but there’s no memory i don't know what i expected after finally deciding to play this but it wasn't an overly long crusher segment plus a... maze, thing that you pretty much have to die to to see how it works. garbage is still garbage even if you cover it up with...
  15. Plutia

    Koishi does things?????

    spoilered because i'm too lazy to take smaller shots
  16. Plutia

    Player corpses

    And stoke the fire till the ash turns white; They say survival’s everything needs tumbleweed physics on the corpses. otherwise, great
  17. Plutia

    Nameless Base Zone

    A stranger I remain; a stranger I remain i love the future its pretty great
  18. Plutia

    Nameless Base Zone

    the level that saved us from brawl being a contest winner with some improvements?? its small and chaotic maybe i'll add to it in the future, maybe not
  19. Plutia

    Vehicles (plus a beta level)

    Wow, nice work you've got here. Almost makes me want to actually play SRB2.
  20. Plutia

    [Reusable] SRB2-The Emerald Isles v. 3.0.7

    A skip level button reminds me of something far worse.. If the level is really so bad that you're considering a skip level thing then you should also consider just scrapping what you have of it right now and starting over.