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  1. WasifBoomz

    Summer 2021 Voting - WasifBoomz

    1. Music Mash - Worst map ever conceived. 2. Blizzard Bastion - Honestly, there are so many fun and unique platforming/speed sections, and this is coming from somebody who mains Sonic, the high challenge that many obstacles provide makes the level memorable and fun, also Diamond Dust is a plus...
  2. WasifBoomz

    Autumn 2020 Voting

    1. Aquatic Port Zone - I made this. 2. Emerald Aether Zone 3. Pagoda Park Zone 4. Fatal Factory Zone 5. Square City Zone 6. Galactic Facility Zone 7. Shadow of Aztlan Zone 8. Foliage Furnace Zone 9. Dark Marsh Zone 10. Knothole Coast Zone 11. Overgrown Heights Zone 12. Alabaster Fountain Zone...
  3. WasifBoomz


    1. Hypertower Zone - I made this. 2. Aqua Paradise Zone - Really fun, tons of unique level design, a nice challenge, but many frame rate dips, even on a powerful PC. 3. Snowflake Ridge Zone - I just liked the level design, the UI, but it was a but confusing, I assume this is inspired by Spyro...
  4. WasifBoomz

    [Reusable] Battle Hole Zone (Battle Mod Level)

    Here is a quick level themed around Black Hole Zone I've created for the Battle Mod. 1.1: Control points added and Player Starts replaced with Match Starts.
  5. WasifBoomz

    Random Object Spawner

    I'm making a custom game mode, is there a possibility I can do something to spawn random objects from an array? Such as spawning enemies or bosses, is there also a way to wait for no generated object to exist? Thanks!
  6. WasifBoomz

    Greenflower Zone Expansion 2.0.0!

    Hello, welcome to my first ever mod! I made sure to test every act with every character! 2.0.0: Remade levels! Emblems and unlockables! New title screen! Video: Full Mod Gameplay: Act 4: This act is a short, easy, and a...