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  1. Spectorious

    Spectorious' Single Player Vote

    1. Hollow Hill Zone 2. Falcon Emissary Zone 3. Mercury Mine Zone 4. Teal Tundra Zone 5. Fort Sunset Zone 6. Ante Station Zone 7. Koopa Castle Zone 8. Blizzard Bastion Zone 9. Ridge Rapids Zone 10. Abyssal Caverns Zone 11. Lava Temple Zone 12. Bombastic Beach Zone 13. Music Mash Zone 14...
  2. Spectorious

    [Reusable] Mineral Colors

    A simple skin pack that add various colors based off of many pretty minerals. In Vanilla (as of now) we already have some really neat mineral themed skin colors such as; Gold, Ruby, Sapphire etc. However, have you ever wondered why it stopped at just those? This skin pack seeks to answer that...
  3. Spectorious

    Fixed ACZ2 midtexture not visable on both sides
  4. Spectorious

    These sectors in CEZ1 are a little too low
  5. Spectorious

    Missing death pit effect in ACZ2
  6. Spectorious

    Spectorious's spectoriously shit shitshow

    First off, I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone! Srb2's had long ride over this past decade, and with the recent release of 2.2, we've surely gone out with a bang! Guess I've been kinda neglecting the MB for a little while too long now for the most part. Just due the sheer ease of...
  7. Spectorious

    Silver Shiver Zone, an Emerald Hunt and Match/Tag Stage! (scmt_silvershiver.wad)

    This stage is a result of a challenge I set myself to fully complete a level in one week, as I usually spend way to much time designing my levels. This stage was originally just for Match and Tag, but it's also now an Emerald Hunt stage too! The stage has a decent size to it too, so feel free...
  8. Spectorious

    Sammy's Shitposts~

    So since I'm pretty much done with college, I've began to dabble in the map making scene so that I can make use of all of this free time, and despite it's steep learning curve it's been a lot of fun. So with out further ado I present to you Snow Summit Zone! It's a level that is going...
  9. Spectorious

    So I'm curious about something regarding 2.2

    Since super forms are being removed from Match and CTF in 2.2, I'm honestly curious what that means for Tails and Knuckles, since they can't turn super in single player and co-op. In my opinion i really think that in 2.2, the super lock for Tails and Knuckles should just be removed, because 1...