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  1. StellarStardust

    Sakuya Izayoi

    StellarStardust submitted a new resource: Sakuya Izayoi - The Perfect and Elegant Maid is ready to offer her services. Read more about this resource...
  2. StellarStardust

    Remixed Match Maps[v1.1] ~ Mixed-up Match Levels!

    Remixed Match Maps The purpose of this level pack is to completely remake(or remix, if I feel they need special treatment) all existing levels seen in Ringslinger(minus CTF) from the ground up and tailor them to be brought to or at the very least, more closer to the quality of the current...
  3. StellarStardust

    Oh, for THOK's sake![v1]

    Oh, for THOK's sake! ...Is what you'd be saying when playing with this added. Inspired by VAdaPEGA's Apeeling Sonic Hack, this wad makes Sonic(and only Sonic btw!) unable to move in any sort of way apart from using the Thok. You can't even strafe or control where you'll end up as you're at...
  4. StellarStardust

    [CTF] Not Perfect

    Not Perfect. ...from Sally.exe or as it may otherwise be known as "Not Special" from another thing... which Sally.exe directly rips off. But we're not here to discuss that. The map is a simple layout inspired by Lime Forest, only with GFZ graphics instead and no real sky to speak of. Just a...
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    Introducing MixedHUD. Inspired by SRB2's new titlecards and various other sources, this replaces the S2 HUD that SRB2 uses with a fresh new take on how it looks.(All these screenshots are taken with the HUD in Mania mode, but I have tested it with the other HUD modes and everything seems to be...
  6. StellarStardust

    Pasture Meadows Zone! (VM_PastureMeadows-v1.pk3)

    Are you sick of the same thok-fest known as Meadow Match? Do you want something a little less flat and maybe even with a little more extra to boot? No? Well if you do, meet Pasture Meadows Zone! Originally part of a match map pack inspired by MK's Alternate Match Maps, before I scrapped this...
  7. StellarStardust

    [Level Pack] Insanity Pack v2.1

    Download v2.1! Insanity Pack is pack of various level ideas I had for SRB2 Kart. This pack is also home to the infamous Daytona Hell. Can you take the insanity of this pack? It currently features: - 4 race levels. - A battle map. - A hellish version of Daytona Speedway. - Retrowave aethestics...
  8. StellarStardust

    Mania Slanted HUD! [S2ManiaHUD.wad]

    Ever wanted to replace the vanilla SRB2 HUD with something a bit more interesting? No? Well, here you go anyways. This HUD is a mix of Sonic 2 and Mania's HUD, and it also has support for FSonic, TailsCD, Mighty and Ray, as well as MonitorsPlus too. I hope you enjoy this little mini-project...
  9. StellarStardust

    Circuit Attack! [v3.1] (r_circuitattack.wad)

    Circuit Attack is an attempt to make completely new race maps in the old Circuit style from 1.9/2.0. As of the current release, there are 2 maps: Emerald Isle Originally called "Lush Hillside", while the other maps was scrapped, this one was kept and mostly remade from scratch. The...
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    SRB2 crashes for some reason.

    EDIT: Nevermind, found the problem. Ignore this thread.
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    Meadow Match Re-imagined (mt_meadowreimagined.wad)

    Meadow Match, a favorite to some people who play Match or sometimes, Tag in SRB2. It's mostly known as a thok-field or a box with stuff in it. The wad contains a remade version of Meadow Match, made from scratch with some changes, while keeping the main layout, in some shape or form...
  12. StellarStardust

    Error when trying to talk on SRB2

    So, I was on a friend's server and I tried to talk to him after I couldn't change skin for some reason. But this error came up whenever I press enter after typing my messages: This error never came up in 2.1.14. Is there something wrong or did I break the game somehow?
  13. StellarStardust

    FOF Slopes?

    Hello, I'm trying to make slopes on a floating platform for a wad of mine, but I can't make to any. I've tried doing it the way you do it with floating platforms and adding the slope tag with the floating platform tag, but they don't work. Is it not possible or am I missing something?
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    Team Recreation's W.I.P Projects

    So, we're been working on this for a while now. Classic Sonic Recreation Blast 2 is a level pack to port or remake Sonic 1 as close as possible, but not just the Genesis version, but the Game Gear's levels as well. However, it does have some twists and extras as well. But what are they, you...
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    Stardust's Wacky Workbench

    Basically, a topic where I post previews of maps I'm making to get feedback. (and help too) This map is Special Showdown Zone, based of the original Sonic 3 & Knuckles special stages. No blue, yellow or red spheres here though.