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  1. Mikhael Blur

    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    Okay, I finally figured out what I should do in Spiral Hill Pizza. So I re-vote every level because of that. About feedback, I... Can't say that much about that map, it's simple but kinda unusual city map, but I kinda wish that all "pizza delivery" mission will be kinda random idk, because I...
  2. Mikhael Blur

    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    Sure thing. - Most textures looks simple enough, especially snow and ground textures. Maybe it's your style, but I don't really like it that much. I prefer visual that reminds SRB2 2.2 itself. - Level Design is just really simple, like literally some secrets around and 2 paths, that's all...
  3. Mikhael Blur

    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    Well, I (and some people from RU community) can test your next levels, if you want lol.
  4. Mikhael Blur

    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    After several replays and collecting some emblems from new OLDC levels, I can write my opinion about (almost) every map. I also arranged the levels in the order of my voting so that it was immediately clear which level I considered the best for myself. Let's begin. 1. Enchanted Enclave by...
  5. Mikhael Blur

    OLDC 2022 R1 SP Votes

    1. Enchanted Enclave by Vixuzen 2. Tarnish Ward by Princess Plushima 3. Magma Laboratory Zone by RoyKirbs 4. Foliage Furnace Zone, Act 2 by Othius, Kanna, & Spectorious 5. Freezer Folley Zone by Fav 6. Spiral Hill Pizza by Rogerregorroger 7. Egg Machine Zone by nickls2002 8. Yearning Yachtyard...
  6. Mikhael Blur

    Green Hill remake

    Hren Hill moment LOL.
  7. Mikhael Blur

    [Reusable] Sonic 2006 - Extended Port

    It will be 1.2 version update, and yes, Goal Ring mod should be work fine after this update (because there will be just Sign Post in each level instead lol). I just remove all these spin gap places in the next update to make things for non-spin chars easier. I'll do that because I don't see any...
  8. Mikhael Blur

    Taz the Tasmanian Devil

    Omg why is there so many updates.
  9. Mikhael Blur

    [Reusable] Sonic 2006 - Extended Port

    Hm, that's weird. I changed in SOC from musicslot to music to make work all music correctly. I check out this later.
  10. Mikhael Blur

    Ashi's Dialog System

    Is it working on Netgame?
  11. Mikhael Blur

    [Reusable] Sonic 2006 - Extended Port

    Well, I heard that someone else is doing the SRB2 Heroes port. Also: - I don't really interested in SRB2 Heroes port. - Author of this pack (STHE123O) doesn't really care about ports iirc tho. So, you just can try to port it yourself...? (Or just try Golden Shine port lol. I can't say that this...
  12. Mikhael Blur

    [Reusable] Colorful Towers Zone (CTF) - Kwiin Update

    @Othius gives me in DM map with fixed skybox issue, he's just add FOF in this place, where issue is happened. Also I didn't do this myself because I'm lazy for now lol sorry. Anyway, thanks Othius for a little help.
  13. Mikhael Blur

    Colorful Towers Zone (CTF)

    Mikhael Blur updated Colorful Towers Zone (CTF) with a new update entry: Kwiin Update Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. Mikhael Blur

    Colorful Towers Zone (CTF)

    Mikhael Blur submitted a new resource: Colorful Tower Zone (CTF) - A OLDC 2021 Round 2 Winner CTF map, but standalone. Read more about this resource...
  15. Mikhael Blur

    [Reusable] Colorful Towers Zone (CTF) 2.0

    Yes, I decided to quickly release my CTF map as an Re-Usable addon, because some people asked me to do it. So, here it is, my first CTF map that I made for 4 days lol. Nothing changed, same map as from OLDC 2021 Round 2 MP Pack, but it's Re-Usable now. So, do whatever you want with this map, I...
  16. Mikhael Blur

    (1.1.1 Update) Chaos Pack

    Some maps like Hidden Lake, Floral Field and Station Square lag a bit (23-25 FPS) which is fine for Software when map is kinda open and have much enough objects. Other maps like Sand Castle, Ghastly Hollow and Ricco Harbor have 8-10 FPS. Here's screenshots: Also why there's force spin bruh.
  17. Mikhael Blur

    (1.1.1 Update) Chaos Pack

    Idk, have you checked the maps in the Software or not, but almost every one of your maps has: - Black skybox (I guess because there is no SKY1 on the ceiling) - Very laggyyy on most open maps. I hope you do something with that. Cause some maps I really like visually, but I don't really want to...
  18. Mikhael Blur

    OLDC 2021 R2 Votes

    Single Player: 1. Bricked Busted Zone by Mikhael Blur - Sorry for being selfish tho lol, but I will say at most that this is my best level that I have done and included almost (I also add something on MB version, that I can't add earlier) all my ideas there, I think they all work more or less...
  19. Mikhael Blur

    [Level Pack] Omnix Pack v7.0! Sonic Riders Edition last part - Green Cave!!

    Is it me, or assets for Crisis City from Sonic 2006 Level Pack?
  20. Mikhael Blur

    [Reusable] Sonic 2006 - Extended Port - "MusicSlot to Music swap" update

    Update speak for yourself, this update was made for upcoming SRB2 version 2.2.10, to made music work properly in this version, that's it.