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    Question about Ultimate cheat

    The Ultimate Cheat is
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    I want to make this a background or a gif of some sort.

    You could always mod the game to replace all the relevant graphics with blank textures (the font, menu cursor, S&T CSS art and the MARATHON RUN header text), although you'd have to navigate the menus without seeing (unless the console works in the Marathon Run menu)...
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    Bruh why whenever i try downloading srb2 it says needs authorizing though i downloaded the game once

    You don't need authorization to download SRB2, that's for sure.
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    I said it was probably outdated, so I guess download 2.2.9 (possibly even 2.2.8) and use the exe with that.
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    It's not. (the merge request has an EXE linked, although I think it's outdated)
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    I assume this is basically zoom tubes that function similarly to Sonic 1's roll tunnels?
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    "this cannot be done with a modified game"

    IIRC the actual behavior is that SRB2 doesn't crash, and just displays it as a "corrupted savefile" that you can't open until you add that character.
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    SRB2 Uncapped PLUS

    But that's a 64-bit build, and AFAIK there isn't a full 64-bit 2.2.10 download that I can get the DLLs from. How do I get them?
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    Yeah I was on a server when I saw that so probably that.
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    I remember sprites rotating to slopes in some version of 2.2 (probably pre-2.2.3) (although only when from the side). I don't see that anymore so it might have been removed or a bug caused it to stop working. Probably was never an official feature, just a mod.
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    Lost Srb2 songs?

    Aren't Xmas 0.90 and 2.1.13 lost too?
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    Probably a use for that unused track that is GFZ1 but with reversed frequencies
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    Console Tunes [default] mutes music, ''lump not found''

    Try using quotes around the command: bind m "tunes -default"
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    Dimension Glaber

    The emblem red ring in Emerald Coast doesn't seem possible for me as Sonic. I can't get up to it, either with springs or with monitor bouncing.
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    HUD font, maybe? SRB2 3D title screen or player model? EDIT: It might actually be something used in the trailer since it's close to the strings used for that.
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    Sprite sheet

    Did you add a character select entry?
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    Lost Srb2 songs?

    Note that THZ1 will still have the 2.2 music, as that song made it into release 2.2.0 and wasn't added later. If you want the old soundtracks for everything, you have to download 2.1.
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    I think the is just a file that contains mappings from the minified file to the original source files. Also it also uses WebAssembly, maybe that contains the actual game stuff. The link is, but it's compiled. I've used wasm-decompile (part of...
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    Where did you find that there is another URL?