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  1. Nookels

    SRB2 History thread

    This is a thread for old srb2 stuff. post old srb2 stuff here.
  2. Nookels

    I found the first post-crash MB post

    it's not from before the crash so don't get your hopes up. (it takes some time to load but don't worry, it'll come:wink:
  3. Nookels

    Sonic 3 Sonic (tough sonic?)

    So i'm working on a mod called Sonic 3 sonic (a.k.a. Tough Sonic). he will have abilities from sonic 3 and also the same sprites. currently i'm looking for some spriters who can draw in sonic 3 style. i need more frames for these sprites: and also waiting sprites (i'll add more pics here soon)...
  4. Nookels

    Srb2 crashes when i try to load my wad.

    when i edit the S_SKIN in SLADE the "name" is blue, I think that's why. I can't get it to turn normal. Please Help! name = babysonic realname = Baby Sonic hudname = BABY ability = CA_DOUBLEJUMP ability2 = CA2_SPINDASH actionspd = 3 normalspeed = 30 thrustfactor = 4 accelstart = 80 acceleration =...
  5. Nookels

    old SRB2 trailer found?

    So i was browsing the news archives and found this link Judging by the file name, "", it might be the old SRB2 intro (a.k.a. SRBii) found on @SSNTails ' YouTube channel. P.S. If this is post is in the wrong section, please move it.
  6. Nookels

    SRB2 on Raspberry Pi!

    Hi there! do you have a raspberry pi? and the flatpak version is not working? No worries! I figures out a way to compile SRB2 on raspberry pi. Proof-of-Concept video: How to compile: #Install dependencies sudo apt...
  7. Nookels

    Possible to compile the android port for web?

    I'm currently working on bringing back SRB2 emscripten/wasm. since the latest port version is 2.2.4, i've been thinking if it was possible to compile the android version for emscripten/wasm. It will need some HUGE changes though, like removing netgame support, and altering performance for older...
  8. Nookels

    How do i make a sidebar for my site like

    I'm making the home page of my site and I want it to have a sidebar like on the home page of
  9. Nookels

    Texture and/or sprite artist needed

    So me and my sister are working on "Sonic Surge Adventure" a classic Sonic fangame with a few modern elements. We need some artists for the game as we're not that good ourselves. We call ourselves HYPERSonic Team. contact us here: LINK MOVED TO SIGNATURE
  10. Nookels

    Character appears green instead of Sky (color 50 i think)

    So I made a custom character and made his color "sky" in "S_SKIN" but in-game he's still green.