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  1. CST1229

    Separating a flag in Lua

    So I'm trying to make a Lua script that accesses flags from the player. However I don't know how to separate a single flag from the 1 big number that the flag userdata values provide. I may be handling userdata structures wrong as well. Here is my code so far: local function reverseGoop(p)...
  2. CST1229

    The Elusive SRB2 Version 2.1.13 Discussion

    So, according to the wiki, SRB2 v2.1.13 contained major bugs and was withdrawn rather quickly and replaced with 2.1.14. The release post on both and the GitHub was purged, the GitLab page didn't exist back then, the Wayback Machine just baarely missed the point on the website, and the...
  3. CST1229

    Title music starts early

    I can't show an example without recording with sound and video, and that would put my computer on fire. Basically, the title music track starts at the start of the transition to black, much like 2.1 (that means the song noticeably "starts" at the start of the transition from black, instead of at...
  4. CST1229

    CST1229's editing thread of stuff

    CST1229's Editing Thread of stuff Yep. Not much to say about here. This is just an Editing thread. Also note this is not for 1 singular project.
  5. CST1229

    Marathon IGT not stopping after the signpost and in menus

    Self-explanatory. Even if you choose the in-game timer option in the marathon run menu, the clock keeps ticking while the signpost spins, only stopping at the tally screen, even though the level timer stops the moment you touch the goal. The marathon timer also doesn't stop during the menus even...
  6. CST1229

    Sonic and Tails freeze

    When I try to select the Sonic & Tails option in the character select, the game freezes. During this time, GIFs record nothing (it cuts to after I press Escape or stop the recording) and the only key that works is Escape, which goes to the title screen. If I deactivate and reactivate the game...
  7. CST1229

    Green Springflower Zone 4 (Version 1.1)

    This is my attempt at a GFZ4, in 2.2! NOTE: The version labeled "_headerless" has the modified GFZ3 header (which was modified so the next level is this map, MAPJ1) removed. [/spoiler]